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I’m writing this weeks round up post from my kitchen table whilst an insane amount of rain flies past the window after a slighty hectic weekend that included pain killing injections, bus trips up the coast, an unhealthy amount of risk taking in an abandoned building, walks around dried river beds after an hour of searching for said river bed, running around the city taking photos upon my return and then editing those photos for a future column – all this in the name of street art! 

Totally worth it though, especially the dried river bed… there was some incredible art on those walls, some of which I’ve been hoping to see for a long long time! Anyway more of the later, time to get into this week’s round up, starting off with the epic header piece which was created for this and next month’s space at Arnau Gallery in the city centre. So good it get’s two months on the wall!

The piece is by Chilean artist Inti and his partner, Brazilian artist Mar. I’m sure most followers of this blog will recognise the work of Inti, his stunning murals adorn cities all over the globe from Paris to San Juan, Puerto Rico and he must be one of the biggest names in the street art game.

Inti and Mar for Arnau Gallery

For this piece Inti’s instantly recognisable style is on full view with his strange and quite creepy character lying sideways across the wall. The character is wonderfully complimented by Mar’s use of lines and warm colours which blend into the character beautifully. I love the white roses across the characters hands and face, they look almost projection like. I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing this wall brighten up the streets for the rest of the summer.

This next piece is by an artist who I have not seen on the streets of Barcelona for aaaaages. I don’t know where he’s been hiding but hopefully this is the start of him hitting the streets on the regular again. The artist in question is Loko Ramzy and he’s left this insane pizza skull piece on one of the city’s legal walls.

Loko Ramzy

I absolutely love this piece for a couple of reasons. One, I love skulls, I have three tattooed on various parts of my body. Secondly I love pizza, I eat it far too often and I also have a pizza slice tattoo on my leg. Showing my commitment to pizza right there! The details on Ramzy’s piece are just mind blowing, with all the greasy drips hitting the floor to the little bit of basil poking out of the eye socket. My personal favourite part has to be the pepperoni, I love the way he has it twisted up at the corners as if’s actually been in the pizza oven. Just an incredible piece of work, that’s making me hungry!

This week’s final piece is by tattoo and graffiti artist Disaiker and adorned one of the walls at the city’s ubiquitous Tres Xemeneies skate and graffiti park. The artist from Ecuador created this piece titled ‘plastic oceans’ which shows a male character bobbing along in an green ocean of plastic paraphernalia. The issue of plastic waste has been hot topic in the news lately and as with a lot of artists Disaikner is using his work to bring attention to this serious problem affecting the world as a whole. On a different level, it’s also a very nice looking piece, I’m a big fan of the characters black soulless eyes and of course, I love the green colours used for the sea. If you put greens on a piece I’m gonna like at least that part of your work, simple as!











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3 thoughts on “3 of the best – weekly round up

  1. Pizza skull works for me, and the last piece by Disaiknerhas a haunting quality about it. Rain in Spain? that’s where it’s all gone!

    1. Pizza skull definitely works for me! Aye but it was only for about an hour, back to blistering heat now. Off to Berlin tomorrow for a hunt… it looks brutally hot there also.

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