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This weeks round up is brought to you from my sofa whilst watching the new Michael Pena film on Netflix nursing a few enormous blisters on my heels after spending the last four days walking around Berlin trying to check out as much art as I possibly could. Judging by the state of my feet I made a really poor choice in sneakers (which gave me the excuse to buy a new pair, cheers Overkill) but I did get 1600 photos of the ridiculous amount of art that covers the streets of Berlin. My holidays are not your typical holiday clearly, as my girlfriend and friend who joined me would testify! I must stress that I didn’t drag them everywhere, they were more than happy to bail on me for a full day! 

Right lets get into it, first up is this new piece from Spanish artist Aryz in a town outside of Barcelona called Granollers. This town is a regular haunt for Aryz and his Mixed Media crew buddies as they all hail from the town or very close to it. This wall was thrown up a few weeks back as part of a day session with the MM crew, literally a day after I had been there to check out some other things. Sods law is definitely a thing.

This piece is like a lot Aryz’s more street pieces with one of his male characters flanked by his blocky writing. The thing I find most interesting about Aryz’s pieces is the colour palette used. The colours are like nothing else I see on the streets, they are very unique to him as an artist. Greens and pinks and just general colour tones that I reckon can’t come easily and indicate the use of a mix of medias (the crew name gives it away) with both spray and brush being used on this piece.


This second piece by SAV45 is one of those pieces that could go unfound for years. I was up about an hour north of Barcelona two weeks ago for a weekend break, which as we have already established means I spend most of my time walking around instead of chilling and I managed to find this beauty. I’ll have to fess up that I actually emailed SAV before I left to see if he could assist with some locations as I was aware he had work up there but no idea where. Thankfully he was super kind and passed on the location of a couple of pieces.

This piece is on a wall that forms part of a water tower on a private bit of land. The owners are actually in the middle of building a new property there so I can’t imagine this piece being around for too much longer. The wall itself is a portrait of a young curly haired boy and for me there’s a real victorian feel to the piece, it looks like an old black and white photograph that’s had the digital colour treatment. Such a nice piece and in such a great and random location!


This last piece is another one from my visit to Lloret de Mar and is one from an artist who’s work I absolutely adore – Saturno. This is one of those pieces I had seen on Instagram years ago and have been hoping to stumble across ever since. Saturno is Spanish, from near Barcelona but spends most of his time working in LA so there’s not all that many of his pieces kicking about these days and unfortunately for me he only paints here a couple of times a year, if that.

This wall forms part of a dried river bed that after a bit of a walk I finally found an entrance too. The whole river was full of art, the vast majority of it being of a really high standard and there was more than just one Saturno piece also, which made me far too happy. This one is just your typical Saturno wall, crazed over the top cartoon bunny rabbits with bulging liquid filled eyes jumping right out of the wall at ya! The rabbit to the right is chomping on a blunt instead of a carrot that I assume has assisted in sending both these little guys a bit wild. Just an awesome piece by an artist who’s work never fails to impress me.


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