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I’m going to apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes and/or any nonsensical ramblings this week, It’s waaaaay to hot here (40 degrees this weekend) and the heat is making me very tired and dopey. Dopier even…

From what I remember last year, the painting really slowed down in the city around August time due to the heat but it doesn’t seem to be the case quite yet this year so plenty still going on. For example I went to see a specific wall this morning and the artist was literally just adding the finishing touches as I got there. Fast forward five hours and the wall has already been covered. There’s no chance of me getting any time off soon!

Speaking about not getting time off both Oreo and Tim Marsh have been really busy the past few months. Both have have had multiple festival appearances in Spain, France and in Tim’s case a pretty big part at Upfest in Bristol which found him on Inspiring city’s top 25 murals list.  Part of this busy period for both artists included a week long stint painting this bus which is permanently parked in a Skate park in Badalona near Barcelona.

Oreo & Tim Marsh at Skate Agora, Barcelona for Seat Espana

This collaboration was in association with Seat Espana and Montana colours and saw Tim and Oreo cover each side of the bus with their trademark but contrasting styles. It’s testament to both artists skills and also their friendship that they make their styles work so well together. Tim favours various shapes, subtle colours and sharp lines whilst Oreo is all bold colours, cartoon characters and tags. I think my personal favourite part of this collaboration is how Tim’s skateboarding monkey has deflected Goofy’s orange spray back onto Oreo’s side of the bus with his board. This is just a good fun time piece. Oh and it has a nice little video to accompany it also.

This next piece brings me a lot closer to home as Harry Bones has painted this monstrous cockroach readying himself to open a bin bag. I live in an area of Barcelona called Raval and this time of year brings cockroaches in their droves into my apartment. It’s a delight.

Harry Bones in Barcelona

A bit like Saturno, Harry Bones is a master of these over the top caricatures of insects and monsters. The cockroach in this piece has an almost human quality to it, the way it’s looking at the bin bag and readying himself to tear into it. As always with Harry Bones the colours and lighting on this piece are simply wonderful, from the neon pink eyes to the smokey faded purple surrounding the roach, all of it is so incredibly detailed. Regular/older readers will know that Bones is one of my favourite artists not just in Barcelona but full stop and he is away a lot painting across the globe so it’s great to see him back painting locally even if it’s just for a short period of time.

Last up this week I have this excellent paste up by Israeli artist Pilpeled in Berlin. This was yet another of those really fortunate finds as I was taking a photo of a huge mural on one side of a street and I went to cross the road to see if I could get a better angle and luckily I saw this piece lurking in a garage type area. This particular paste up is in spectacular condition considering its been adorning that wall since 2016, maybe it being just off the beaten path has saved it from the elements and busy hands.

Pilpeled in Berlin

All of Pilpeled’s work that I have seen on social media is in black and white and of course this piece is no different. It does really make it stand out however, even with it’s placement in this darkened area. There’s something dark but sweet about this piece. The colours obviously give it the darker vibe but the kid acting like he is playing with binoculars whilst wearing a paper crown gives it a softer, sweeter feel. Nice use of the artists name within the writing on the crown also.

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  1. Some nice work there. I didn’t get to meet Tim Marsh, but I did see his piece in various states of progress. I’ll get round to posting it soon.

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