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It’s that time of the week again where I share the three most liked photos from my Instagram page from the past seven days. It’s all quiet on the western front right now in Barcelona, it’s holiday time for the locals so in contrast to what I said in the previous round up column there really hasn’t been a crazy amount of painting going on the past week…. he says, looking at Instagram and seeing about twenty different artists spending they’re Sunday afternoon painting!

Diving straight into it this week with the header photo of a shop front by Kram which is one of two commission pieces he did on the same street over a baking hot weekend late in July. The piece is so typically Kram, bursting with colours and featuring one of his fractal animal creations. This one here is of a Rhino that looks splendid in his sports coat and shades. Who knew a Rhino could rock a varsity jacket so well!


Next up is this piece from personal favourite and No grey walls regular – Jay Bisual. Jay is from the same NGFX Crew as Degon and is in a rich vein of form right now. His work is very Sci-fi inspired but with modern day elements hidden in plain sight for those who pay enough attention. For example on this piece the main character is wearing a pair of Bathing Ape space boots which as a sneaker head is an utter delight. Maybe Jay has a calling in Sci-fi sneaker design.

Jay Bisual

The last piece this week is from another artist who I write about a lot – Bublegum. I found this piece last weekend whilst hunting for another mural of his (that I did not find) and desperately clutching at straws I dived into some bushes and came up finding a bunch of really cool works hidden along a pathway.

This one is just the usual high quality portrait work that I’ve come to expect from Buble. It’s the use of the colour fades and the subtle shading that makes these pieces so stunning. In particular on this piece the girls rosey cheeks and the lighting on her bright pink lips are just remarkable.

Quite how he makes these pieces look so photo realistic with just spray I’ll probably never know.


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    1. He’s just getting better and better. He did one this weekend that got buffed before it was done, I can see an Instagram fight coming 🙂

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