3 of the best – Weekly round up

It might be Monday morning but there’s no Monday blues to be found round these parts, just mighty fine pieces of art for me to ramble on about.

I’m starting off this week with this paste up from Miss me art who has been in Barcelona recently on what I assume was a working holiday. Miss me has left a bunch of pieces around the Raval area of the city most of which I think I’ve found although one was ripped to shreds when I found it. Vandals being vandalised, oh the irony!

Miss me art in Barcelona

There’s something very immediate about this piece and no it’s not just because it’s of a naked woman. I think black and grey is, as as a general rule very striking when placed against a plain background and really stands out even from distance. It’s no surprise either that the piece has a real rebellious vibe to it considering the artist is known across the globe for her activism and powerful and unapologetic work. The minnie mouse balaclava hiding the character/artists face and the heavily tattooed body just adding to the overall ‘fuck you’ feel of the piece.

Miss me art in Barcelona

This second piece is by the wonderfully named Jetpack Dinosaur from my home town of Aberdeen. This was one, if not the first piece I saw when I first stepped off the bus after travelling across to spend some time there for the Nuart Festival earlier this year. This doorway titled ‘stone cold kriller’ on the side of the main market was done as part of the excellent Painted Doors Aberdeen initiative to brighten up the streets of the city.

Jetpack Dinosaur in Aberdeen

Although the doorway is kinda tucked away I actually think it helps the piece stand out a little more. The granite walls contrast really beautifully with the black and red and there’s a real Asian feel to the door. The whale itself is stunning and I love the hatching across the tail fin and along the underside to the pectoral fins. Thanks Wikipedia for basic whale anatomy info… It must be hard to replicate canvas work on the streets but on this particular piece Jetpack Dinosaur has done just that.

Jetpack Dinosaur in Aberdeen

Last up this week is this piece from my recent trip to Berlin by Swedish artist Vegan Flava. VF’s work is actually pretty new to me and he is yet another one of those really amazing artists that have somehow evaded my attention until now. This mural is, I think, one of the newest additions to Urban Nation’s street art mile, which is exactly what it says on the tin, a mile of street art everywhere you look.

Vegan Flava in Berlin

Looking through the artists Instagram page his works focuses mainly on hyper realistic black and white skulls and skeletons. The skeleton on this particular mural is half human, half tree and alongside the bones sit branches and leaves, weaving their way in and out of the structure. This is an artist who believes that human rights and animal/nature rights are one and the same and creates his murals as “visual activism” to bring attention to this. A truly magnificent piece from an artist who I hope to see a lot more of in the future.

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