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Just diving straight into it this week with this peach of a collaboration piece by Swiss artist Plus and Barcelona resident Stefano Phen. Plus is an artist I’ve admired from afar for a while now and this is the first of his pieces that I’ve physically seen as opposed to giving likes to on social media. The Swiss artist is one of those who has taken traditional graffiti writing and turned it into something quite quite different. Instead of incorporating characters into the piece he turns the writing into the character itself. In this instance the word PLUS has been turned into a machine with loads of interconnecting pipes holding it all together. Just a fun and creative bit of writing really.

Not to forget Phen who has created the stunning city in the background. There’s a real escape from New York feel to the city with downtrodden looking buildings and the big skyscrapers in the background. There’s lots of fun little nods to the two artists incorporated throughout the piece also. The street sign shows their names and the abandoned looking building to the left having the name of Phen’s tattoo parlour at the top along with his tag further down the building front. To put it mildly, I love this piece.

Next up is this super fun, chilled piece by an artist who is making two appearances this week on the blog (he’s this weeks Wednesday wall) Pedro Joaquin Arteaga is his name although he goes by Pitarteaga on the streets.

The wall, as you can see is of two hammer head sharks just hanging out having a chat and a drink. I love the colours (purple my love) and as always those little touches like the floating baseball cap and the tattoo on the shark on the right. Personally I’m a huge fan of these pieces that take something pretty surreal and somehow make it look at least kinda normal and believable. Although maybe a shark carrying a hip flask is a tad much!

Last up is this piece by Axel Draw that I literally only shot yesterday as it was right in front of me when stepping off the bus. It was one of those pieces I’ve seen a few times on IG and taken a mental note to look for but never quite remembered to look for it when out and about.

Axel is from Valencia but seems to be living in Barcelona now as he has been painting very regularly here for a few months now. The artist doesn’t seem overly content with the legal walls available and his pieces pop up all over the city in places that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Like this one… It’s actually a door that’s been plastered over which I think was actually already coloured pink. Pretty much the perfect spot really. Axel’s piece has a fine arts feel to it more akin to something on paper or canvas that the street. I love how although it’s clearly a man, Axel’s particular style gives it slightly more of a creepy feel, as if it’s more monster than man.

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