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Anne Frank piece by Kobra for the Street art museum in Amsterdam.

It’s been a quiet weekend in Barcelona due to quite a lot of rain so I’m actually writing this piece feeling fresh. The poor weather did result in a few jams being cancelled however, which is a shame. Fingers cross they are able to be re-scheduled soon.

This week’s round up is a bit of an inadvertent Dutch special. All three pieces are from a recent trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. And all three are ridiculously good.

First up is this pleasant surprise of a find from my one night in Amsterdam. This enormous wall is by the Brazilian artist Kobra and is situated on the side of the soon to open street art museum.

The street art museum Amsterdam.
The street art museum Amsterdam.

I wasn’t expecting to go to the museum, or the outside at least. However my accommodation was only five minutes walk away so I lucked out!

This is just your standard Kobra piece, full of colourful shapes that flow together to create a kaleidoscopic, photorealistic portrait. I particularly like how some of the shapes sit together like national flags, I wonder if this was intentional or not given the character portrayed.

Anne Frank piece by Kobra for the Street art museum in Amsterdam.
Anne Frank piece by Kobra for the Street art museum in Amsterdam.

Next up is this excellent wall by Eelco in his hometown of Rotterdam. This particular piece has a bit of a psychedelic zoo vibe going on with all sorts of animals including in the mix. There are a lot of colours here that I certainly don’t see often, if at all on the streets, giving the piece a very unique feel. I hope you all spotted the little 3D fox at the bottom of the wall…

'Make it happen' by Eelco in Rotterdam.
‘Make it happen’ by Eelco in Rotterdam.

This final piece is also in Rotterdam and is by Judith de Leeuw AKA JDL . The mural like most of JDL’s work is a black and white photorealistic portrait piece. However due to the thin shape of the wall the mural features just half of the characters face. JDL has absolutely nailed the shading on the character’s face. The different colours on his cheeks for example are truly incredible.

JDL in Rotterdam Central Station.
JDL in Rotterdam Central Station.

Eduardo Kobra – Website

Eelco – Website 

JDL – Website 

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