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I really need to put more thought into what I post on Instagram. Obviously the posts that tend to do well tend to be the ones I want to write about on this page but I end up having to stick them in this tiny little column on a Monday.

I may have to look into bending the truth a little as too what was the most popular photos on the IG account so I can have the best of both worlds. Surely no one is going to double check the numbers…

This week I’ve got two shots from my recent visit to a tiny village in Catalonia called Penelles.

Penelles is about an hour and half drive from Barcelona but for such a small place it has incredible amount of art thanks to an annual art event called Gargar Festival. I’m going to write about the festival and the artists who have participated a bit more in detail soon so I’ll just leave you with two teaser pieces.

The header piece by Run & Ignasi Roses is a giant fox made of tiles spread across a farm building as you enter the village. It’s a really cool thing to be driving towards an area hoping to see some art and suddenly see this giant piece of art on the horizon. The fact that the artists have managed to create this piece using coloured tiles just astounds me.

This second piece by Zesoner & Bkfoxx is just an incredible use of space. Alice in wonderland with a hip hop twist. A really interesting mix of styles and techniques on this one. And I love the rabbits bling pocket watch and bucket hat combo, very LL Cool J.


And once again, like every week, I have a piece by DavidL. This time it’s this Edward Scissorhands piece in an abandoned building. The details on David’s pieces are just mesmerising and it’s such a buzz finding work such as this when exploring places out of the city.


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3 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. All beautiful pieces. Especially the Alice. I only post pieces I have blogged about on my Instagram feed. It means I am never the first to post a new piece, but when I do post it I can direct the artists to my blog…if they are interested.

    1. It’s a good idea for sure. I have so many pictures which go on the feed which I mean to write about it but just don’t quite get round to half the time. What is your IG feed? I possibly already follow you as I do follow a few Bristol graffiti accounts

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