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BIP in Barcelona for Montana Colours.

I need to start coming up with some more interesting openings to this column. However it’s Sunday night (as I write this) and my brain really is not functioning properly so next week maybe. Instead I’ll just tell you that this week I have beauties from BIP & Treze and a collaboration piece from Nove, Nana & Kimo.

BIP Graffiti

First this week is this brand new piece in the heart of Poblenou, Barcelona by BIP. BIP is a self described ‘anonymous American artist’ As you can see here, him staying anonymous is not gonna change any time soon. I think this is BIP’s first time in Barcelona and I guess it’s no real surprise that this piece popped up out of nowhere.

I’m pretty sure this piece is illegal despite Montana being involved in the organisation of it. This wall is certainly not known for it’s graffiti anyway. As you can see this piece is a very pertinent take on social media culture. The ‘Instagram model’ has received a litany of comments that we have all probably seen at some point on our pages. Personally I think it’s hilarious but the element of truth in a few of the comments is quite sad. The DM’s comment in particular is quite creepy but oh so true.

BIP in Barcelona for Montana Colours.
BIP in Barcelona for Montana Colours.

Nove Noel, Nana & Kimo Osuna

One great thing about living here is the wide range of styles of art you can come across on any given day. For example, this collaborative piece by Nove NoelNana & Kimo Osuna could not be further from the BIP piece if it tried.

This wall was created for legal wall organisation Wallspot and is situated in one of their lesser used areas, Mas Guinardo. The wall is actually one I don’t frequent all that often. The main reason is pieces tend to last five minutes there. There are a lot of local crews who see that wall as theirs and theirs only.

Funnily enough this piece bucked that trend and was still there a few days after it was completed. It’s a mix of styles but it all flows together nicely with all the characters appearing to be floating in water.

Although he looks good in his life vest, Nove’s French pug looks pretty fed up floating around. Nana created the female character in the middle and she also looks none to pleased with her predicament. Lastly is Kimo’s pipe smoking monkey fisherman. A line I never thought I’d write. He looks pretty non plussed by the whole thing. One thing I noticed whilst writing this is the little boat that’s come from the pipe smoke. Those little touches add so much but can be so easily missed.

Nove Noel, Nana & Kimo Osuna for Wallspot in Barcelona.
Nove Noel, Nana & Kimo Osuna for Wallspot in Barcelona.


Finally this week is another stunner from the master Treze. This is one of twenty that reside in his home town of Sabadell. I actually think that I completely missed it the first time I ever visited for an explore. Radar must have been off that day.

This particular mural is kinda odd with three faces split into different levels. The two Japanese monsters are quite similar but differ a little in colour and size. Both are fantastic to look at, full of life with those big orange eyes.

I say this a lot about Treze’s work but the colour palette he used truly was one of a kind. This couldn’t be more apparent than in the female face to the right. The colours and tones used to get the lighting around the eyes and nose are just incredible. I could honestly stare at this piece for hours.

Treze in Sabadell.
Treze in Sabadell.


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