3 of the best – Weekly round up

Anetta Lukjanova & Taneli Stenberg in Barcelona.

Welcome to the weekly round up on No grey walls. This week features a couple of animal themed works and an awesome collaboration doorway. Both of these animal themed pieces are from artists who are brand new to me which is always exciting. I often wonder how I have never come across these artists before on my walks around the city. I think the main reason is that the street art scene is expanding hugely here and loads of creative people are trying their hand at spraying a wall.

Let’s get into it…

Anetta Lukjanova & Taneli Stenberg

The Finnish duo of Anetta Lukjanova & Taneli Stenberg fall under what I was saying above. I believe both are actually new to the city hence why I have not seen their work before. Honestly, I could have quite easily missed this wall. This spot is up on Montjuic ‘mountain’ and is not a location I visit all that often. I maybe only visit a handful of times a year. I saw a photo of the wall on Instagram the night before and was taken enough to head up first thing on the Monday morning.

Anetta Lukjanova & Taneli Stenberg in Barcelona.
Anetta Lukjanova & Taneli Stenberg in Barcelona.

As you can see the piece is of two lionesses who look quite at home in the green hilly surroundings. Both are really beautifully painted and I love the different shades of purple used on the cheeks and ears. The purple gives off a really lovely setting sun effect.

LA Nau

Next is another piece by an artist who’s work I do not know. Well actually, I don’t know if it’s an artist or a group of artists or an artist school or what. La Nau is an school of art for children, young adults and adults. I’m guessing a group of the students created this wonderful piece for the International day of paint at a community centre called Boca Nord.

La Nau for The International day of paint at Boca Nord, Barcelona.
La Nau for The International day of paint at Boca Nord, Barcelona.

I’m not sure if there was a theme for the event but there were quite a few dog related pieces. Dogs who are not dogs was what the students went with and hasn’t it worked out fantastically? Both dogs look very comfortable and natural as humans. I especially like the dog to the left answering a phone call in his leather jacket.

Add Fuel & Jaune

This weeks last piece is by two instantly recognisable artists. Portuguese artist Add Fuel and Belgian Jaune came together to for this excellent piece for the first edition of Nuart Aberdeen. I get the impression that this was one of those unplanned ‘off’ festival pieces that was born over a beer one night.

Add Fuel & Jaune for Nuart Aberdeen 2017.
Add Fuel & Jaune for Nuart Aberdeen 2017.

When I arrived in Aberdeen one of the first thing I did was start hunting for Jaune’s little sanitation workers. I had never seen Jaune’s work in person before and I love how he doesn’t just paste these guys up randomly. There is real thought and inventiveness behind where these guys will go to live. And they take some real hunting let me tell you!

For this collaboration joint Jaune’s character is straining to pull back the grey paint from this steam panel. All that straining is worth it though as he slowly reveals Add Fuel’s impeccable azulejo (Portuguese tile) design. Just a fun addition to an otherwise nondescript piece of metal in an already grey city. More of this please!

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  1. Some really lovely pieces. I agree with you about the dog on the left. Also the last piece is a well used theme, but always a real pleasure to see. Playing with the surroundings.

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