3 of the best – weekly round up

Running a little bit late with this weeks round up as I was out of the city over the weekend. I decided not to take my laptop so it’s a mad type this morning!

Keep an eye on the page this week as there’s some really good things lined up!

Albert Bonet

First up this week is this visual delight from Albert Bonet. I’ve been too slow at getting around the walls of late, meaning I’ve missed Albert’s last two works. I was not going to miss out a third time. This piece is hyper-realistic portrait work at it’s finest. It’s quite incredible how something so beautiful and detailed can be created with just black and white. The artists use of the white on the cheeks, nose and lips is simply exceptional. I am determined not to miss Albert’s work again.

Albert Bonet in Barcelona, 2018.
Albert Bonet in Barcelona, 2018.


The second piece this week is by blog regular and internationally recognised artist Aryz. Thankfully for us residents of Barcelona, Aryz doesn’t just paint huge murals or stay holed up in the studio. He still seems to enjoy a group trip out to an abandoned building to create his masterpieces. This one I found in one of the more famous and easier to access abandoned factories outside of the city. It’s just very Aryz isn’t it!? The character design and use of unexpected colours is so unique to this artist.

Aryz in an abandoned building outside of Barcelona.
Aryz in an abandoned building outside of Barcelona.


The final wall this week is from my visit to Lisbon earlier in the year. Of course, this one is from French artist Vinie with one of her elegant female characters. This expressive character is casually lounging on the side of this four story building. What really is amazing is how Vinie utilises the second floor window as a ledge for her character to rest. She has also done the the same with the colour scheme change on the lower level being used to rest her characters foot. All this creativity without even mentioning the colourful kaleidoscope of balloons/speech bubbles that make up her hair. A mesmerising design to say the least.

Vinie in Lisbon for Loures Arte Publica.
Vinie in Lisbon for Loures Arte Publica.

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