3 of the best – Weekly round up

Bosoletti and Young Jarus for Urban Nation in Berlin.

Happy Monday readers and welcome to this weeks round up. As you know this post is based on the most ‘liked’ photos from my Instagram page each week. I could probably write thousands of words on how frustrated I am with Instagram and it’s algorithm. I know I am not the only person in that boat. A think piece for the future maybe…

Anyway let’s keep it positive and get on with talking about three wonderful pieces of street art!

Bosoletti and Young Jarus

Well, erm, how to do justice to this piece in a paragraph… Any ideas? Anyone? None? Ok it’s on me I guess! This epic mural is by the duo of Francisco Bosoletti and Young Jarus for Urban Nation in Berlin. The mural is of Greek mythological characters Daphne and Apollo and is both enormous and mind blowing.

For this mural Bosoletti painted Daphne in negative light with Jarus painting Apollo in a positive light. The secret behind this, is that with use of your mobile phone or using a simple editor you can flip the light and show the inverted Daphne in natural colour.

I mean… wow, just wow!

Bosoletti and Young Jarus for Urban Nation in Berlin.
Bosoletti and Young Jarus for Urban Nation in Berlin.


Next up is a recent find from the last fortnight. Can regular readers guess who it’s from? What was that? Yep you got it correct, of course it’s Bublegum. 10 street art points for you! Oh wait, the sub heading gave it away, damn it!!

Bublegum appears in this column a frightening amount. It says a lot about the quality of his works that my social media followers consistently love his pieces. This particular wall is very well hidden in a river bed underneath some train tracks. The main character is a hyper realistic cat, Bublegum’s forte. The neon eyes and whiskers in particular are real stand outs. He’s also surrounded the cat with some really nice writing, blocks, swirls, smoke and strobe lights really add to this small but exquisite piece.

Bublegum in a river bed outside of Barcelona.
Bublegum in a river bed outside of Barcelona.


This week’s final piece is by Aussie street art superstar Smug. I am always very hesitant to post pics with shade as for the most part the shade ruins them. However on this particular door front the shade actually adds a new dimension to the work.

Smug for Street art Festival Hasselt, Belgium.
Smug for Street art Festival Hasselt, Belgium.

The light leaking across Smug’s characters eyes make it seem as if he is peering through a letter box. As you can see by his reaction, he’s is pretty shocked at what he’s seeing. It’s Smug so you already know the level of skill you are dealing with here. The little details are all expertly created and the shading is simply perfect. As good as the guys facial expression is it’s the double chin that does it for me. Absolutely fantastic work.

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