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Alan Kode at Tres Xemeneies in Barcelona.

Oooooft what a great weekend I’ve just had. I was back in Berlin for the second time this year. Despite the weather I managed to catch up with the majority of the murals I missed the first time around. Notice how I said majority, there’s never enough time to see it all. I wonder if there ever will be? I think Berlin is one of those cities you would really have to live in to have a chance at finding out about all the locations. If it wasn’t so cold… 

This week’s round up is another beauty featuring a stunning mural that I saw on my summer trip to Berlin. I’ve also got one from my visit to Antwerp and also something new from here in BCN.

Alan Kode

I had the pleasure of meeting Chilean artist Alan Kode as he took photos of this mural in Barcelona. It was a brief chat but he seemed like a really nice guy. I assume he was just in Barcelona for one of those ‘painting holidays’ that artists tend to have. This piece is one of those that causes a bit of a stir in the photographer circle here. I think I must have seen this mural on every single one of the resident photographers pages over the last week.

To be honest, it’s with good reason as this piece truly is fantastic. I like everything about the piece, from the character to the ghost like snake and birds in the background. And of course Alan used purple which I love so that’s always gonna get brownie points! For me however, the real standout here is the shading. The use of this shade underneath the bow and arrow and within the folds of the characters jumper is really something special. Here’s hoping Alan fancies another ‘painting holiday’ in Barcelona soon!

Alan Kode at Tres Xemeneies in Barcelona.
Alan Kode at Tres Xemeneies in Barcelona.

Tristan Eaton

Attack of the colourful patchwork mural woman! Even without the subheading it’s pretty obvious who this piece is by. Yup, 10 points for you street art fan, it’s the work of Tristan Eaton.

I saw this piece in Berlin over the summer, hence the blue skies and not the perpetually grey ones that I just encountered. I think this mural is 2-3 years old now and was done as part of Urban Nation’s on-going projects all over the city. If you are ever in Berlin you really need to go to the museum, it’s quite something.

With this particular mural the LA born artist has created one of his ubiquitous large scale works. The black and white female character has that 1950’s vibe going on but has been updated with huge pops of colour. It’s a really interesting mix between what looks like an old photo and then this collage of colour and patterns winding its way down the characters figure. A must see if you ever visit Berlin!

Tristan Eaton in Berlin for Urban Nation.
Tristan Eaton in Berlin for Urban Nation.

Leon Keer and Marije Spelbos

Last up this week is another must see if you are ever in the city of Antwerp. This anamorphic work was created by Leon Keer and I think his partner Marije Spelbos for the Trizarte Festival earlier this year. I don’t really know what to tell you about the piece to be honest. The only thing that springs to mind is… how the hell have they done this!! I actually met Leon at a couple of other festivals this year and watched him create. I’ll admit that it did not help me one little bit in understanding how he comes up with pieces like this.

Leon Keer and Marije Spelbos in Antwerp for Tizarte Festival 2018.
Leon Keer and Marije Spelbos in Antwerp for Tizarte Festival 2018.

Maybe the clear blue skies play even more tricks on the brain with the top of the box being painted blue? Whatever way you look at this it’s just incredible. If you look at the shot below you can see the objects seemingly hanging in the boxes… Consider me completely confused.

Leon Keer and Marije Spelbos in Antwerp for Tizarte Festival 2018.
Leon Keer and Marije Spelbos in Antwerp for Tizarte Festival 2018.

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2 thoughts on “3 of the best – weekly round up

  1. All three gems. I agree with you about the shading in the first one.

    You do get around a fair bit. Great to see your pictures from other cities, although I particularly like your BCN stuff.

    1. This year has been a good one in terms of trips and off to London for a hunt at new year. Next year might be a bit more difficult money wise but ideally I’d like to get away at least once a month to a new place to explore the city. And see street art of course! Thankfully even without trips away BCN is never ending so that alone keeps me busy.

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