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It’s always such a come down to go back to real life after some time away. Especially after spending a few days in Berlin hunting for art and eating Bratwurst! Let’s be honest, I could happily do that all day every day.

The shining light when coming back ‘home’ is that the streets in Barcelona show no signs of slowing down. There is an incredible amount of art going up on the streets at the moment.


Speaking of Berlin, here’s one that I found whilst ambling around Urban Spree. This piece is by the Iranian ‘vandal’ Nafir and could easily be missed amongst all the other pieces. In fact, I think I did miss it on my previous visit there.

I loved reading the comments on his Instagram post of this piece. The vast majority of people reminding the artist how Ironic it is that he’s posting this piece on social media. Like most artists I’m pretty sure Nafir could care less about likes and followers. My feelings are that he is bringing attention to the people who’s mood is related to the amount of likes they garner. I’m sure there are thousands of people who strive to get X amount of likes on a post and when they don’t, they feel like the character Nafir has created.

This one is about far more than irony in my opinion.

Nafir at Urban Spree, Berlin.
Nafir at Urban Spree, Berlin.

Case Maclaim

And here’s another from Berlin! Expect a lot of these in the coming weeks… Well maybe not as I was thinking about taking a Christmas break from the blog. Anyway, this enormous mural is by the ever fantastic Case MacLaim. Seeing so many of these types of murals across the city really makes me pine for a better council here in Barcelona. The people in power in Berlin really seem to embrace murals but there just isn’t the same feeling here. Theatre seems to be the arts departments love and ‘graffiti’ is still looked as a something naughty kids do.

Case MacLaim in Berlin for Berlin Mural Fest.
Case MacLaim in Berlin for Berlin Mural Fest.

This mural is titled ‘the future is female’ and is of one of Case’s friends along with his daughter. Of course, the piece is brilliant in it’s design and execution. Case never fails to amaze. The only low point is the paint bombing… This was on a few murals I saw this time and is something I’d like to know more about to be honest.


Last up is this piece by my good buddy, Dutchie, Ivesone. Ives was commissioned to do this tribute piece by Empire records. He managed to secure a wall in the heart of the Raval barrio in Barcelona. He’s got balls that lad as he didn’t approach the council for approval or a permit, just spoke to some locals about using the wall and went for it.

As I mentioned it’s a tribute mural to the rapper XXXTentacion who passed away in June this year. Empire records have commissioned pieces all over the globe as part of a project to keep the memory of the artist alive.

Close up of Ivesone mural of XXXTentacion for Empire records.
Close up of Ivesone mural of XXXTentacion for Empire records.

My personal feelings on the project are pretty conflicted. On one hand I am delighted Ives was asked to do such a huge piece and I love what he created. But, the domestic abuse stories about XXXTentacion are abhorrent and I really am unsure if he should be being celebrated in such a way. I guess I am part of the problem if I am sharing photos and words on this particular project… I’d certainly like some other opinions on this one.

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2 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. I know I’m pretty late to this, but I just wanted you to know that even tho the media portrays X as a bad person and only shows the bad things he did and sometimes even add to it, X wasn’t a bad person. Sure he did some things In the past that he wasn’t proud of, but he knew that what he did was bad and tried to change. I belive that seeing what you’ve done wrong and striving to be a better person shows maturity and I absolutly Adore him for that. He was also such a Nice person and spoke to his fans trough instagram and Twitter (myself included). He also helped countless kids he helped go trough the darkest times of their lives trough his music. Not to mention all the charities he donated to and people he helped by starting the helping hand challenge.

    In conclusion: don’t belive everything you see in the media, and before you judge someone you should atleast have some knowledge on them, and yes he might have done some bad things, but who hasn’t done something they regret. And the fact that he tried to change showed that.

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