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Pablo Picasso by 1m5orry in Barcelona, January 2019.

After a bit of an unexpected extended break I am back back back! I planned on taking a wee bit of time off over Christmas which somehow turned into a five week break! Laziness got the better of me, sorry peeps!

Nevertheless, I have fought out of my slumber, I’m listening to Circadian Rhythms on NTS Radio, I’m having a coffee and I’m writing. Today sees the return of the weekly round up from my IG Page. There will be new pieces each day this week also so keep your eyes peeled.


Right, first up this week is this incredible portrait of Pablo Picasso by 1m5orry (Hood graff team). 1m5orry is one half a graffiti ‘team’ based in Russia. I’m not 100% sure what the story is but it would appear he has made the move to Barcelona recently. Since his arrival he has painted three large scale pieces like this and a more traditional graff piece.Working his ass off quite frankly.

This piece is situated in the Poblenou area of Barcelona and had my WhatsApp blowing up with other photographers letting me know he was at work. There’s not so much I can say that would do this piece justice in all honesty. As with a lot of photorealistic work it’s the tiny details that get you every time. For me on this piece it’s Picasso’s wrinkles around his eyes and nose. The level of can control to create this is just off the charts. Something I could only dream of doing! The message of ‘youth has no age’ is something I really appreciate too as I creep towards my late 30’s!

Pablo Picasso by 1m5orry in Barcelona, January 2019.
Pablo Picasso by 1m5orry in Barcelona, January 2019.

One last thing about this kids work that’s pretty interesting, none of his pieces have been buffed… The streets are notorious here but all his work to date remains completely untouched. Respect does exist here sometimes!


I found this wonderful stencil whilst in Berlin last summer. It’s by Eins92 and it was situated across from the Urban Nation museum.  I’m pretty chuffed to have seen this one as it’s only about 15cm high and that street is covered and I mean covered in art. I actually find streets like that a little too intense, like there is a little too much going on. I can’t seem to focus properly with so much art around.

As far as stencils go this one has an incredible amount of detail and the layers are all really subtle. Also, that Toxic green colour is absolutely insane, I love it! Also, I wonder if the stencil is of Eins himself or a friend?

Stencil by Eins92 in Berlin for Urban Nation.
Stencil by Eins92 in Berlin for Urban Nation.

Albert Bonet

The final piece this week is by local street artist and tattooist Albert Bonet. I’ve featured Albert’s work a few times on this page and he is fast becoming one of those artists that get’s all the local photographers running down to the spot ASAP.

I got lucky and unlucky with this piece. As you can see it wasn’t the best time of day to shoot and there’s a bit too much shade on the wall. Buuuut, speaking about respect earlier, this piece was buffed later that day so I wasn’t able to go and shoot it again.

A couple of things stand out about this piece. First off, I love purple so the fact that this piece is covered in neon purple makes me very happy. Secondly, the level of realism is just insane. The character really looks like he is jumping out of the wall trying to scare you as you wander past. I particularly like the plugs on his ears.

As I’m writing this Albert has gone over the artist who went over him and created another fantastic portrait. Welcome to the jungle!

'Punk as f**k' by Albert Bonet in Barcelona, January 2019.
‘Punk as f**k’ by Albert Bonet in Barcelona, January 2019.


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  1. Welcome back. Nice to have such a long break. Eins92 Madeira to Upfest a couple of years back, and his miniature stencils are outstanding.

    1. Thank you very much. Nice to be back. I was looking at that whilst writing the piece actually, big big fan of his work.

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