3 of the best – Weekly round up

Juanjo Surace for Arnau Gallery in Barcelona January 2019.

Hello dear readers, welcome to another weekly round up here on No Grey Walls. Instagram is making this column more and more difficult each week with their algorithm showing my photos to about two people. Less and less pieces are standing out from the rest and pretty much everything is receiving a similar amount likes. I wonder how close we are to an alternative to IG?

Juanjo Surace

Rant over, lets move on with this week’s choices! This piece might just be my favourite wall for a long long time and I’ve seen some ridiculously good art the past few months. Judging by the reaction to this piece on Instagram, I’m not the only one that feels that way. Yes, this one bucked the algorithm trend and got some serious love. The mural is by Juanjo Surace and was created for Arnau Gallery on their rotating monthly wall in the heart of Barcelona.

The piece, I believe is called ‘That strange company’ and depicts an older lady sitting on a chair on the sidewalk. Behind this thoughtful looking woman is a rather large furry monster. His face looks pretty scary, with his jawless mouth and pointy teeth. However he seems to be quite placid sitting there, hands crossed. I can’t decide if the monster is supposed to be her pet, friend or maybe something that resides inside of her. Whatever the reason for it’s existence this is a gorgeous piece of art. I walk past this wall every day and I am looking forward to thirty more days of this beauty.

Juanjo Surace for Arnau Gallery, Barcelona January 2019.
Juanjo Surace for Arnau Gallery, Barcelona January 2019.

Mr Cenz

This next piece is one I spotted on my new years trip to London. It took a couple of attempts to get a clean shot as the first time there was a massive white van parked in front. Patience pays off as my second trip produced a completely clean shot! I’m sure most of you will be able to recognise the work of Mr Cenz immediately. Futuristic space funk is how he describes his work and there probably isn’t a more apt description. As with most of his current work this wall features a very strong looking female face surrounded by his trademark colours, swirls and abstract lettering. This type of work makes me think of the Marvel films. I could really see Cenz creating artwork for the Avengers films for example, I think his style would really lend itself to those characters.

Mr Cenz in Shoreditch, London for Not Banksy Forum.
Mr Cenz in Shoreditch, London for Not Banksy Forum.

The London Police

The final piece this week is an enormous wall by some other instantly recognisable artists – The London Police. This piece was created for Urban Nation in Berlin and is a fair trek outside of the main city. Definitely worth the multiple trains and pouring rain to see it however! I’m sure they would appreciate my endeavours!

This mural is of course full of their ubiquitous cheerful characters. There are five slightly smaller of these not so lil guys floating down from the top of the building. Some of them are carrying robots some just seem to be having fun on their own! I have no idea what it’ll all means but it’s very pleasant to look at!

The London Police in Berlin for Urban Nation.
The London Police in Berlin for Urban Nation.

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4 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

  1. All three are stunners. I struggled to get a clean shot of the Mr Cenz piece and had to take it slightly to one side. Love the first one, just beautiful and calm, which is odd given the monster.

    The Instagram algorithms do my head in. For about a fortnight my posts got big numbers of hits, but as quickly as that happened they reverted to my current levels. How did that happen? It seems to be completely random.

    1. I waited patiently for the van to move cos the guy was sat in it but to no avail. I didn’t really plan on going back to check it but my plans changed and i got lucky on this occasion. Mine is the same, followers are going up and up and my likes are going down and down. One or two posts will slip through the net and get good numbers and then the next 10 will barely reach levels I had when i had thousands less followers. I really don’t follow what they are trying to do to be honest. It’s a shame but Zuckerburg wants all of our money!

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