3 of the best – Weekly round up

Albert Bonet in Barcelona, January 2019.

Happy Monday readers, hope you all had great weekends and are not feeling the Monday blues! This week’s round up as decided by the Instagram algorithm gods features some fantastic pieces by a mix of artists and styles. I have work by Albert Bonet (again) Bronik (and her cute dog) and Irony.  So let’s dive straight in, not complain about Instagram for once and share all these amazing pieces of street art!

Albert Bonet

This kid is a regular on this page at the moment with his photorealistic works. I think I last featured him two weeks ago but I could easily get him into the column every week. This latest piece from two weekends ago really showcases his incredible skills with a can.

As you can see this female character is having a bit of a nightmare with her make up! The perils of getting ready for a night out after a few pre-drinks I reckon. All jokes aside this piece is utterly gorgeous isn’t it? The level of details in the characters hair, eye lashes, lips etc. really are sublime. The lighting on both sides of the characters face really does make the whole thing look like an actual photo.

The crazy thing is that Albert is really young so there is plenty of room for improvement in his work… I’ll just let that sink in for a second! By the way, he painted again yesterday so expect to see him at the very least on my IG page very soon.

Albert Bonet in Barcelona, January 2019.
Albert Bonet in Barcelona, January 2019.


I’ve not featured the work of Bronik all that much lately. Not for any untoward reasons but mainly cos she’s been tearing it up in the States for the past few months. But she is back, albeit temporality in BCN and has created a few new works in her barrio.

Bronik in El Borne, Barcelona, January 2019.
Bronik in El Borne, Barcelona, January 2019.

This one on a small doorway features one of her female Peruvian characters (her essentially) and her beloved dog Yukka. This is simply a really sweet piece, a little ode to Yukka and how much she loves her little buddy. I’ve not really seen Bronik do anything other than her green characters so it’s interesting to see her do such a great job on the dog. I wonder if this is a step in a different direction artistically for her? Also, I timed going to see the doorway well, as this photo will show…

Bronik in El Borne, Barcelona, January 2019.
Bronik in El Borne, Barcelona, January 2019.


I visited London at New Year, not for the first time in my life but the first time as a ‘street art hunter’ Weirdly however, I was extremely unorganised and added zero walls or zones to my Google Maps. Normally I’ve got about 100 pieces in my maps that I am desperate to see but I had a different vibe going into London. More relaxed I guess.

So pieces like this one from Irony were just pure luck finds in all honesty. This was just me, ambling around Camden market, being enamoured by a fried chicken shop and then spying a few walls round the corner.

Someone appears to have defaced one of the characters eyes but don’t let that take anything away from this mural. It’s yet another show stopper quite frankly. It’s actually the first of Irony’s works I’ve seen in the ‘flesh’ and I picked a good one to start with. The female character is beautifully rendered and incredibly life like. The real winner for me however is her curly hair flowing in the wind. I love the roses petals falling from the flowers to the ground. Beautiful work.

Irony in Camden Town, London.
Irony in Camden Town, London.

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7 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

      1. Yup, she was there and although I didn’t speak to her, she did two lovely pieces. I have only posted one of them so far. BTW did you know there is no Upfest this year…boo hoo.

        1. I didn’t know that? Is there a reason? I would like to know much more about that festival and the funding etc. It’s something that interests me a great deal.

          1. I can put you in touch with the organisers if you would like. They just want a fallow year to give their volunteers a break and to have a fresh start in 2020. This means I should get a pass to go to the Cheltenham festival this year. It seems to be getting better and better.

          2. That might be interesting. It’s solely based on some comments I have seen regarding funding and I am really interested as to why it’s not better funded from sponsors/council etc. I’ve a million questions about it really. The Cheltenham festival does indeed look very good, I think last year was the first year I heard about it but it’s on my list to see at some point.

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