3 of the best – Weekly round up

The weekly round up is coming at you a day late but with good reason (other than me just being lazy) as I spent the past weekend in Lisbon and only got home late last night.

Lisbon was an amazing city to visit, so much so that it has jumped above Berlin in my hypothetical list of possible places to live if I ever decide to leave Barcelona. The amount of street art in Lisbon was incredible and I had a great time trying to explore it all, although I would need probably a full week to see everything art wise. Expect lots of photos and words about that very very soon.

So, lets get down to business… the header piece is by Jay Bisual who’s work doesn’t really appear on the streets all that much but he’s been out and about a bit more regularly of late. I’ve come across a few of his pieces whilst on Urbex adventures as he is a frequent collaborator of DavidL. Jay’s work is not like anything I see out on my walks around the city, his illustrations are very spacey and trippy. His characters out of a 70’s or 80’s comic book depicting human life of the future living on space colonies. Really eye catching stuff.

The second piece is by a local artist –  Werens but I actually found it whilst in the neighbourhood of Sacavem near Lisbon. Like a lot of Werens work this piece is a flower in the shape of a question mark with a built in CCTV camera. Questioning the  relationship between humans and nature or graffiti artists and the authorities maybe.



The final piece this week is a collaborative joint by WZ1984 and Derz. As always with these two it’s a wild and wonderful cartoon piece, this time with two alien characters getting down. WZ’s character on the left’s drink of choice is a space ship whilst Derz’s offering prefers an eyeball as his aperitif. Both probably taste better than a Bacardi Breezer that’s for sure…



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