3 of the best – Weekly round up

Fumomiles in Barcelona, February 2019.

Welcome street art lovers to another IG inspired weekly round up. By inspired, I actually mean the photos that IG allowed my followers to see due to its utterly shite algorithm! Alas, despite IG´s issues I still have three more amazing pieces of street art to share with you from Barcelona and beyond!

BTW, it´s all quiet on the western front here and there seems to be very little going down. The post Christmas hangover seems to be dragging on a bit too long for my liking. Is it the same in your cities right now? Is it just a time of year thing?

Fumo Miles

First up this week is this gorgeous piece by Fumo miles. I am not 100% sure where Fumo is from in Spain but I do know that he has recently made the move to Tarragona. This means it´s as reasonably short trip to Barcelona for a painting sesh. This is Fumo’s second piece in the city this year and amazingly the first one still hasn’t been buffed! First for everything. This mural lasted over a week as well so either I am right about it being quiet or BCN’s other artists quite liked this one.

Fumomiles in Barcelona, February 2019.

Fumo’s work is heavy on portraits and he seems to be going through a pink/purple phase at the moment. This particular wall features a female character seductively playing with her hair whilst lowering her glasses. She is surrounded by pink and purple swirls giving the piece a dream like vibe.


Situated above a Japanese restaurant on Portobello road in London, this piece by Findac is just pure elegance. From where I was staying in London this piece took around one hour to get to on various metros and trains. Worth the effort? You bet ya it was!

Findac in Portabello Road, London.

Could Findac’s work look better anywhere else than this building? The buildings gold crown and trim work absolutely perfectly and gives the geisha the perfect headwear. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just the angle of the building but this piece definitely has some 3D elements to it. Simply beautiful work.

Findac in Portabello Road, London.


Last up this week is an artist regular readers will know well – Bublegum. I’ve not actually seen to much from him lately, I think he was in Brazil for a bit on a working holiday. Also and this is a bit sad but I know that Buble isn’t a huge fan of painting in the jungle and having his pieces tagged/buffed in no time. Lucky us that he obviously felt like making an exception last Sunday and painted this stunner in Poblenou.

Bublegum in Barcelona, February 2019.

It’s Bublegum so you know what you are getting from him. That is exceptional photorealistic portrait work of course! For this piece its a female character wearing clown make up. Albert Bonet painted a very similar character alongside Buble so I assume this was something decided beforehand. Two things, I utterly adore that smoke that is coming from the characters cigar and floating around her. Secondly I love how Buble has added his crew’s tag as a neck tattoo. It’s kinda weird to say but it really suits the characters look.

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