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This week I am heading to Naples (on Friday) for a little bit of street art and a lot of pizza! Expect next Monday´s piece to be A. Late and B. mostly about pizza. This week’s column is on time however and not a word about pizza, other than the three times I’ve mentioned it already. No time for an Instagram based rant this week so i´ll just tell you that I am going to share work from Treze, Space Invader and Zabou.


This week´s opening piece is kind of an obvious one. No matter how weird Instagram is behaving, the work of Treze will always find it´s way to the masses. This small ish wall is situated in Treze´s hometown of Sabadell near Barcelona.  I managed to find this one last September when I headed out to see an expo on his work in the main arts centre. I´ve said before that it´s a real testament to the man himself that so much of his work remains in pristine condition without any kind of tags. This particular wall features a girl alongside a floppy eared dog with Treze´s name floating around behind them both. I think I will always be amazed how he seemed to make his walls look like fine art in a gallery. His work looks like beautiful water colours but is actually created using a normal spray can. Simply incredible.

Treze in Sabadell

Space Invader

I´ve never featured the work of the mercurial Space Invader before. Not that I don´t like it but I´ve simply never shared it all that often on the page. I think it´s something about avoiding cliches and posting his standard invader mosaic every time I find one. I did make an exception for this one however since it´s massive and of Star Wars.  I came across this one whilst out and about with Mark from Hookedblog whilst in London at New Year. The sun had already set so I headed back a few days later to try and get a better shot in the day.

I don´t know if it´s really a better shot thanks to that reflection but hey ho, you get the picture… It´s Space Invader, it´s Star Wars, you know what you are getting.

Space Invader in London.


Last up this week is this door front from French artist Zabou. The London resident has a host of pieces around Shoreditch but I doubt I would have found this one without the assistance of the aforementioned Mark. There is something very striking about this piece and Zabou´s work in general. You can tell that the artist wants to leave a real mark with her expressive portraits. Personally this one stood out to me more than her other work in the surrounding area. I think is was because there is something very rebellious about the character. I wonder if the character is supposed to be her painting that shutter illegally?

Zabou in London.


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    1. There are still plenty, maybe 20, in Sabadell, all in immaculate condition. But other than some festival pieces there can’t be too many out there sadly.

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