3 of the best – Weekly round up

Nuria Toll and Joel Arroyo in Barcelona 2019.

So I did tell you that this column would be late this week as I was on holiday over the weekend. So late that it´s the following Monday!! To be honest, I didn´t really post a great deal of photos on Instagram before going away. In fact I didn´t post at all whilst in Naples. So this week is essentially a two week special episode! And it means that I have kinda gotten over all the pizza and filthy cake that I left behind in Naples and won´t be going on and on about it…

Harry Bones

Sticking with the food theme is this restaurant shutter by the ever dope Harry Bones. This was one of those lucky, no idea it existed finds. I actually knew Bones had painted an internal wall in this place but not that he had painted the shutter also. I also hadn’t even looked up where the restaurant was, I just happened to wander past a few Sunday’s ago. This piece goes one of two ways. I love Harry Bones so I would eat at this place just to see the internal wall and take a photo. Other people might be a little freaked out by the idea of this frog/fish/octopus type thing being the restaurants head chef.

Harry Bones Restaurant door in Barcelona.


That’s two walls featured here in a matter of weeks from London based artist Irony. I’m sure he/she would be so so proud! This was another lucky find whilst in London over new year. I was ambling around Camden Market trying to avoid crowds and ended up down various side streets. Worked out well as I found this boss piece on a pretty random wall. I think it was a car park or the side of a pub maybe. It’s a shame about the tag across the middle but don’t let that take away from this one. This is hyper-realism at it’s finest. The spray can and the flame are both painted perfectly. The change of colour from the cap to the heart of the fire is really impressive. The wrinkles and folds on the glove though… that’s something really special!

Irony in London

Nuria Toll and Joel Arroyo

Changing things up this week and putting the header photo last. Just cos I can really. This is a new wall from Thursday or Friday in Barcelona at the famous three chimneys spot. It’s a collaborative joint by Nuria Toll and Joel Arroyo. There is a nice mix of styles on this wall. Nuria’s work features a lot of geometric animals and as you can see, she’s painted a couple of perfectly shaped toucans to the left of the wall. She has also added some geometric leaves at various points across the wall. Joel has also added some toucans and leaves, which are painted a little more traditionally if that’s what you want to call it. The ‘Jungle Vibes’ text across the middle also shows off both artists differing styles. The ‘Jungle’ part is quite bubbly and fun looking and clearly Joel’s work. The ‘Vibes’ is more Nuria’s ‘text’ style for sure. Great to see two artists with very different styles manage to come together to create a mural that flows so nicely.

Nuria Toll and Joel Arroyo in Barcelona 2019.


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3 thoughts on “3 of the best – Weekly round up

    1. I´d love to tell you how to get to it… Essentially after the market there are a bunch of pieces in an area surrounded by some restaurants. I then went off down one of those streets towards a neighbourhood who´s name I can´t remember and found it on the way. Sorry I can´t be of more help on the location!

      1. When I’m there I tend to wander all over the place. I was brought up in North London, but street art wasn’t a thing for me then, and there wasn’t so much of it.

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