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Stefano Phen Nas tribute in Barcelona

I´m back after another missing week on the blog. With regards to this column that´s more down to my decision to post less and less on Instagram. I’ve pretty much given up with it to be honest, the algorithm has sucked all the fun out of it. Also I would appear to have been shadow banned since I haven’t been able to post for four days! Yay! So this week’s column is simply three pre ban posts that I personally really liked and not paying any attention to likes etc.

Stefano Phen

Italian tattoo and graffiti artist Stefano Phen is a fairly regular presence on the streets of Barcelona. Stefano is one of those artists that likes to keep experimenting. His pieces veer from hyper-realism portrait work to more traditional graffiti writing. For this particular mural he has merged the two and created a tribute to the legendary rapper Nas.

Stefano Phen Nas tribute in Barcelona

Nas was playing a gig in Barcelona that week so what better excuse for Stefano to get outside and create. As I said he has used both realism and writing on this wall. To the left hand side is a really striking black and grey portrait of Nas, hands clasped. You can tell that Phen is a tattoo artist can’t you! In the background are buildings and trees from what I guess is the projects that the rapper grew up. To the right of the wall are the lyrics “I think they scared of us” I love the 3D effect, it really jumps out of the wall at you. The red and gold together is also a great colour choice, a real contrast to the black and grey portrait.

Stefano Phen Nas tribute in Barcelona


BL2A is another fairly regular presence on the streets here. However unlike Phen’s work it can be a little harder to find these little blue paste up’s. This one I just happened to come across on my way to a meeting. And on top of that I just got lucky that the little old lady was heading my way. Didn’t quite time the shot right but you get the effect! BL2A creates some really interesting and inventive pieces but this is one is slightly more simple. No less effective however, especially if you get lucky enough to time a shot of someone being kissed by the female paste up!

BL2A in Gracia, Barcelona


I was pretty sure I had written at least something about Dirty before. Happy to report that in fact I did, right here… Go and check that out after you read this huh! Pretty please!

I would assume that like me Dirty is a bit of a sneaker head. All of his/her pieces that I have seen, on the streets at least, have been of kicks. And not just regular kicks but super colourful, squishy and melty ones. I simply find these super interesting to look at and I guess to the untrained eye you’d struggle to make out what’s going on. However as a lover of all things sneaker I immediately see the laces and air bubbles and just fall in love.

I wonder if Dirty only paints these on the streets or if he/she actually designs sneakers for anyone? That’s something I’d definitely like to find out.

Dirty in Barcelona


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  1. Love the BL2A piece. Shadow banned… what is that? I have taken an Instagram holiday while I was skiing but will probably kick off again this week.

    1. It’s when they stop allowing you doing certain things. So they might stop you from liking and commenting or they might stop you from posting. 4 Days I was unable to post anything. All fixed now.

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