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Rilke Roca in Barcelona

Welcome to another weekly round up on No Grey Walls. Just for a change there will be no complaining about Instagram this week. All you are gonna get is a few words about my three favourite pieces from the past week. This week is an all Barcelona special with street art from Rilke Roca, Pablo Navas and Mohamed l’Ghacham & Ivan Floro.

Rilke Roca

Opening this week with this small but powerful piece from Rilke Roca. I´ll be honest and admit that I know next to zero about Roca and his work. All I know is that he is Mexican, is quite possibly new to Barcelona and that I love this piece. Looking through his Instagram this would appear to be his first and only piece so far in Barcelona.

This one is called “Heart of a warrior” and is a homage to all the women who fight for their rights all over the world. As you can see from my shots this homage features an indigenous female complete with face paint and feathers. The girl is staring very intently out from the wall which immediately drew me in. It might be a small street piece but it’s not lacking in a skill or message. Great work and I hope to see more from Rilke in the future.

Rilke Roca in Barcelona

Pablo Navas

The second piece up this week is this beautiful mural from Pablo Navas. I wrote about Pablo once before here but this is just the second of his works I’ve ever come across. I am pretty sure he lives here but he certainly isn´t prolific on the streets. This large-ish scale mural is titled “Thought and Passion” and is based in the Poblenou area of Barcelona. Well it was until it was painted over this weekend!

Pablo Navas in Barcelona

This mural depicts a woman looking deep in thought surrounded by a passion flower. I guess the title gives it away my description right!? Probably didn´t even need to write any of that! Within my Instagram comments most people were enamoured with the flower and the level of detail across the piece. As much as I like the flower and overall feel of the piece my favourite part is easily the surrealist nature of it. I love the hand and face falling away from the lady, disappearing into the darkness that surrounds her.

Pablo Navas in Barcelona

Mohamed L’Ghacham & Ivan Floro

Last but not least this week is this collaborative joint between Mohamed l’Ghacham and Ivan Floro in the town of Granolllers near Barcelona. It seems to be a day for titled murals and this one is called “Here you will not lack bread

This is actually one of two murals that Moha and Ivan made for the 80th anniversary of the bombings in Granollers during the Spanish civil war. The idea of this mural revolves around the reasons that cause war. The reasons beyond violence and destruction. The artists wanted to focuses on how this period unfolds inside houses and not on the battlefield.

Mohamed L'Ghacham & Ivan Floro

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