3 of the best – Weekly round up

Slightly damaged but still wonderful paste up from Sunra in Barcelona

Well hello there dear readers, how are you all? It’s been a minute! Rest assured I am back on the regular with street art related news and rambles.

I’m gonna kick things off with a weekly IG round up which features the work of Sunra, Banana Paredes and James Chuter. Excitingly, I have never featured any of these artists on my page before.


First up this week is two paste up’s from French artist Sunra. I have to admit, I had never heard of Sunra until seeing a post on the Instagram page of Alicia Cabrera a fellow street art lover in Barcelona. Low and behold I stumbled across two of these paste up’s whilst ambling around the city on Saturday morning. Both pieces are black and white and depict characters giving out or surrounded by red love hearts. The love heart is hugely prevalent in Sunra’s work, as the artist says herself:

The symbolism of the heart, universal, naive, and poetic, which one finds throughout my visuals, contrasts with a world rich in complexities in which we live. My aim is to create an art which is positive, humanistic, and of wide public utility

Esparce amor by Sunra in the Raval Barrio of Barcelona

Banana Paredes

The work of Banana Paredes is also fairly new to me. These banana characters have only popped up on my radar in the past three months or so. The artists Instagram page is also fairly new so I’m guessing he was busying himself with other things up until recently.

Vampire banana by Banana Paredes at Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona.

Whatever he was doing before, I’m delighted that he’s spending his time creating this funny characters now. I am and always will be a sucker for this type of art. Not too serious, no real message, just an unexpected and fun character with bright, bold colours. I mean this is a banana vampire for goodness sake! If you don’t like this then we can’t be friends!

I am really excited to see where Banana Paredes takes his banana character in the future.

A close up shot of Banana Paredes sketch book and cans.

James Chuter

The final piece this week comes from James Chuter. I came across this piece whilst visiting London at New Year. It’s probably pretty obvious from my comments on the last piece that I love this type of work. Again, it’s fun, bursting with colour and just so easy on the eye. It looks a bit like melty ice cream or maybe something you would see if you took acid in an ice cream parlour. A pudding trip is the best trip.

It’ll probably be a while until I visit London again so if Mr Chuter is reading this and fancies bringing his psychedelic creations to Barcelona I’d be happy to help him find a wall!

Oh and one last thing before I go… Many thanks to the team at Feedspot who have listed this humble blog at number 7 in their top 10 list of the best graffiti blogs in the UK. I’m really appreciative of the recognition and to be sat alongside the other amazing blogs not the list!

Multicoloured Melty characters by James Chuter on the streets of London.

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    1. Back for good after some particularly lazy months! I thought if anyone was gonna like the banana character it would be you.

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