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Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had lovely weekends. I assume you spent a portion of your time reading my interview with PichiAvo. If you didn’t, why the hell not?! Go and read it right now, here’s the link and everything!

This week’s round up features nothing but brand new work from the streets of Barcelona, let’s jump straight into it.

Dogz Art

Parisian Dogz has been a feature on the streets of Barcelona for a number of months now. I like Dogz work, so much so that he was the feature of my Wednesday wall #51. His work is always so bright and vibrant and really draws you in no matter the character. I have no clue if this particular character is from a cartoon or show or if Dogz just made her up. Either way she’s been really beautifully painted. I particularly like the use of lines and shading on her top which really shows off all the folds and wrinkles. Top notch work.

Dogz art in Barcelona

Zurik and Hope

Aussie artist Hope has been in Barcelona recently and got together with Zurik to create this piece in Poblenou. I hadn’t heard of Hope before seeing this wall but Zurik is a firm favourite and previous interviewee.

I’m pretty sure Zurik painted in Australian earlier this year so maybe the connection was made there? Or maybe it was just one of those graffiti things where artists chat through social media and come together to paint. Whatever it was this has worked out to be a really nice collaboration. Hope has painted a portrait using the photography work of Londoner Harry F Conway (his work is well worth checking out) as a reference. In the words of the photographer himself he “nailed it”. Zurik threw up, in her on words “a quick piece” to the right of the portrait. As always with Zurik her writing is truly inventive and challenging. Sharp lines are mixed with both cylindrical and abstract shapes to create her name… somewhere in there!

Hope and Zurik in Barcelona.


Tonyboy is part of the Gums and Tongue and NGFX crews and I truly love finding his work on the streets. I’ve written about the NGFX guys plenty times but I don’t think about Tony specifically. I find that kinda hard to believe if I’m being honest.

This piece was a pleasant surprise on a morning walk around a few of the spots in my neighbourhood. Tonyboy doesn’t seem to be to fussed about uploading his pieces to Instagram as soon as he finishes painting. This often means that finding his work is a complete surprise. On the other hand, sometimes I miss his work completely.

For this particular piece on a curved legal wall near the port Tonyboy has created a glowing character. This elf like stoner is bathed in green and I guess whatever he is smoking is giving him those neon eyes! Tonyboy’s characters seem to fans of hats and this dude is no different, rocking a blue ‘Tony’ brand cap. Maybe Tonyboy does a sideline in hats?

Tonyboy on the streets of Barcelona.

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