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It’s time for the weekly round up on nogreywalls and it’s been another great week for street art. I’m still working my way through all my Lisbon photos so not many of them have found their way onto Instagram yet. Plus this week in Barcelona has been strong with lots of new pieces from local and travelling artists alike.

As is customary the header piece is by the incredible DavidL who appears in this column pretty much every week. This piece is from an abandoned restaurant about 40 miles outside Barcelona, which I think either has been or is being demolished as we speak. This piece is from David’s rats in the walls series and is of a dorky zombie teenager with his brain flavoured ice cream. An amusing addition to David’s collection.

The second piece is from the aforementioned trip to Lisbon and is on a wall of fame outside the Savacem train station. It’s by German artist Sokar Uno and it’s an absolute beauty. This piece looks like a paste up but I can assure it’s all done by spray. There’s some really incredible technique used here to create this hyper-realistic, fragmented bust like piece. Really cool stuff and artist I’d love to see more from.


Last but of course not least is this piece by Barcelona based Russian artist Sav45. Sav is one my personal favourite artists here and it’s always a pleasure to see his work on the streets. Not one to oversaturate the market with a piece on every legal wall every week you tend to see Sav’s pieces once every couple of months which makes them that little bit more special. This one actually continues the ‘bust’ theme with this black and grey piece of a woman. There’s some really nice touches of colour throughout the piece that gives it that extra bit of depth. Another great piece from a superb artist.


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