3 of the best – Weekly round up

What better way to cheer up those Monday morning blues than admiring some beautiful pieces of art on the nogreywalls weekly round up!

For once, this week does not include the work of DavidL but only because the piece I posted on IG will be included in separate post either this week or next.

Going to keep it short this week as I am travelling today on a street art adventure which I’ll try and post a little bit more about later in the week. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll get to see what I’m up too, it’s something I’m very excited about!

First up is the header piece by the legendary Aryz in his home town of Granollers not far from Barcelona. As with a lot of Aryz pieces in that specific area and his work in general I guess, this piece is full of colour and an older looking character. This one is of a male character looking like something out of the TV show Mad Men. I really like how his hand flows into the writing which sits alongside the piece, really skilful work.

This second piece is by another Catalan artist – Marina Capdevila. This piece was for the 2017 edition of the GarGar festival in Penelles and shows off Marina’s unique talents. Marina seems to have a thing for teeth so it’s a bit of a surprise that its taken so long for her to paint some horses what with them being so teethy. I believe the horses are a tribute to the strong farming community out in Penelles. A really nice piece, as always from this young artist.


This last piece is by the ridiculously talented Bordalo II. This piece is on the side of a hostel in the LX Factory in Lisbon. It’s quite hard to make out in the photo but this piece is made solely out of rubbish… yep you read that right, rubbish, end of life materials, it’s really quite incredible to see in person. This is from his series called ‘big trash animals’ and is aimed at drawing attention to the current problem of waste production and it’s effect on human nature. An incredible piece of art and a very worthy message.





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