3 of the best – Weekly round up

This week’s round up is upon us already… it feels like I am forever typing this column.

For this round up we have a collaborative piece, a new one from a blog favourite and one absolute stunner from my visit to Lisbon.

The collaborative piece is from two artists based in Barcelona, Italian Canesucks , local legend Konair and visiting artist Fatkiwie. Fatkiwie was prolific in his time here, by my count 13 pieces across the city in just a matter of days. The way I look at this piece, Cane’s torn sticker is licking Konair’s ice cream to stick Fatwikie’s sticker back to the wall… I might be wrong but that’s how I am seeing this piece. Simply fun looking cartoon-ish work

This next piece is by Colombian artist Gleo in the Marvila suburb of Lisbon. The piece is entitled “heart of gold” and is part of an enormous intervention on the outskirts of Lisbon to bring art to some of the poorer areas of the city. This piece, as with all of Gleo’s work is beautifully detailed, vibrant and thoughtful. A wonderful addition to this on-going intervention and a must see piece if you are ever visiting Lisbon.


This final piece is by an artist I’ve featured many times on this blog, Tim Marsh. The French artist is prolific around Barcelona and has just been commissioned to create 9 pieces of art on some of the larger garage doors around the Poblenou area of the city. This is the first of these private commissions and is of a geometric tiger. I was going to say cat what with the ‘MIAOW’ speech bubble but I’ll give Tim the benefit of the doubt here and say tiger. As always with Tim’s work, lots of beautiful shapes and colours combining to create a wonderful fun piece.


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