3 of the best – Weekly round up

It’s weekly round up time on Nogreywalls and I’ve got three more stunners to share with you!

First up, the header piece which is a collaboration effort between French anamorphic artist Etien and Snek. This beautiful piece is from last years Gargar Festival and I took this shot when I finally managed to get there a few months back. I met Etien in Dubai recently and he told me that Gargar was one of his favourite events he’s been at so I am trying to find a way to get there for the duration of this years event. This piece is visually stunning, it almost looks like something from a Sci-fi film, the eagle flying in from another dimension to attack it’s prey. The eagles shadow is a particular highlight, fantastic skills.

This second one I had the pleasure of stumbling across whilst at Canvas Dubai. It’s by the master of X-ray art Shok 1. Named – ‘The consumed’ this enormous piece is situated in the Jumeriah beach area of Dubai. The piece itself is of a human skull morphed into the shape of the ghost from Pac-man. Simply incredible work.


The last photo is also from my trip to Dubai, it’s of the ever interesting Mr Doodle hard at work for Canvas Dubai. Sam describes himself as the “non stop crazy doodler” and having seen him at work I can attest to that. I’ve never seen anyone paint/draw like he does, it’s just non stop drawing, creating character after character. I asked him if he ever has a plan and he told me that it just happens, he puts the pen to the wall and the next thing you know it’s completely covered in his doodles Next level talent. And cool clothes to boot!


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