3 of the best – Weekly round up

Right let’s get back into doing the weekly round up on an actual weekly basis instead of my lazy once in a blue moon thing I was doing last year.

I’ve decided to trim it down this year and just do a three best pics of the week instead of eight. I’m doing this for two reasons really, I’m too lazy to trawl through Instagram and find the pictures (plus their algorithm sucks) and because I plan on writing more pieces so more of the most liked pics will appear in actual articles instead.

Each week the two pictures below my waffle will be the second and third most liked pics from the past week and the header piece will be the most liked… or my favourite, whichever takes my fancy any given week.

The header piece this week is by DavidL who is an artist i’ll be writing a lot more about in the coming weeks and months, with his stunning ET Piece which I was fortunate enough to find in an abandoned place over Christmas.

The second piece is an interesting one and a pretty fortunate find I guess, it’s a fully painted van by Enric Sant which was just parked up near my work. Not something you see everyday.

And last but my no means least is a piece from prolific French artist Manumanu with his favoured portrait style work.



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