8 of the best – The very late weekly round up

Yes yes it’s Tuesday and actually almost Wednesday as I type this and the best of the week really should be on Sunday or maybe even Monday but I… well but I nothing, I’ve got a hatful of really lame excuses that no one wants to hear so lets just get on with it and show everyone what they came here to see, Street Art!!

As always the weekly round up is the eight most liked pictures from my @nogreywalls Instagram page. All very simple and not too much waffle from me.

I will be tagging the artists Instagram page below each picture if you wish to delve into the artists work any further.

Happy viewing and as always feel free to hit me up either on here or on Instagram if you would like to know more about any of the artists below or the street art scene in Barcelona in general.

Oh and one last thing, the picture at the top is always my favourite of the week and this week it’s by @onetruth_bros who you’ll see a little further down the page again with a different piece.












@decimapns  & @lezzartist



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