8 of the best – weekly round up

The weekly round up is back back back! Late again but better late than never right? Right?

So here it goes, I’m not sure why I always explain every time what happens here but I’m going to anyway. I post the 8 most popular pictures from my Instagram account from the past 7 days (Monday to Sunday, ignore my bad time keeping) and that’s it really, simples.

Oh and the header photo is always my favourite of the week. I’ve said it before, my blog, my rules! And that piece, by the way, is by Burnon so go check him out if you like it!


By Unknown artist.


By Manumanutwice


By elxupetnegre


By Berol 377


By Manumanutwice


By Rombillos La Castillo iokefeller Seclestyle Kopsee Coniverso Jarandonga The King Aku Ianah and Konair


Berol377 & Ivesone

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