8 of the best – Weekly round up

It’s Monday so that can only mean one thing on this here blog, it’s weekly round up time!! I am actually able to say this as for once I’m actually going to publish it on time.

As per usual this post is the eight most liked pictures from my Nogreywalls Instagram page and the header photo is always my favourite of the week. In this week’s case I’m not sure if I can even really class it as graffiti since the piece was created for an art show in the downstairs area of a bar but as I’ve said repeatedly, my blog, my rules! Oh and the piece is by Dourone by the way.

If any of the work really takes your eye then be sure to check out the artists work further, I always tag their IG page under the pictures.

Happy new week folks.


Joel Arroyo




Axe Colours


Axe Colours


Miquel Wert







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