8 of the best – Weekly round up

It’s that time again folks, the part of my blog which is nothing more than a shameless plug for my Instagram page. So I assume you are all following me now right? Well what are you waiting for?

Anyway, here are the 8 most liked pieces from my IG Page from the past 7 days. All photos by me and as per usual I’ve tagged the artists Instagram page under each picture. I think that with this many mentions of IG that I should be getting some kind of commission from them…

No more fluff from me today just enjoy the pictures below… oh before I go, I sometimes forget to mention the header piece, it’s always my favourite of the week and this week it’s by Nats Garu and Datura Cebil and it’s pretty awesome.

Ciao for now.


Finally found this after months of wondering where the hell it could be – By Sebastien Waknine


Collaboration piece by Brazilian duo Rim Chiaradia and Julio Vieira


Collaboration piece taking burners to another level by Emak and Leim


Incredible and creepy piece by Juanjo Surace


Another collaborative piece by Borneomodofoker Art3sano and Iokefeller


A new artist I found this week –  Kimoo Suna


I think he appears every week… Manumanutwice

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