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I mentioned the other day that I have moved house lately. So I have a new neighbourhood to explore but to be honest, I had zero expectations of finding any street art there. No real reason for that, I just hadn’t seen anything during my time in Barcelona to think that this area had anything of note. Whilst on a little jaunt with my dog one evening I stumbled across this abandoned building. It was pretty hard to see what was in there but I could see some graffiti works at least. I popped back a few days later by day and immediately saw a few show stopping pieces inside. So girlfriend took the dog lead and I jumped down the wall with my camera and wandered inside.

Like I said, there were a few killer pieces but one in particular stood out. A couple of things for this I think. One, my love for hip hop and the Wu Tang Clan and two Conse and Vers have history. I’ve seen Conse and Vers come together in Barcelona and also on two insane pieces in New York. I walked a long long way to see those pieces in New York, I really went out of the way to get to them and boy oh boy were they worth it.

So, this piece in the abandoned building here in BCN. It’s from 2016 and is still standing strong which makes me think that not many artists know about this place. I don’t think many photographers do either. Conse actually commented on my IG photo of the wall that he and Vers have walls all over Barcelona that no one will ever see… challenge accepted ha.

I keep going slightly off topic, the wall. This piece is a portrait of the ODB from the Wu Tang clan. It features the Wu Tang’s logo, ODB’s famous and Shimmy Shimmy ya line and also very cleverly some honeycomb. Do I need to explain the honeycomb? Killer killer bees y’all!

Conse, Vers, ODB, Wu Tang, hip hop, street art, urbex

As per usual Conse has nailed the portrait of ODB. Conse’s level right now is about as good as it gets realism wise but even back in 2016 his work was of a very high level.

Vers is a veteran of the scene, the Brooklyn native has been painting since the late 80’s. He went ham in this building, his name was on pretty much every wall I could see! His part of the piece is the writing obviously and like Conse he has nailed it. I love how the lettering changes across the piece almost like ODB’s voice as it goes up an octave or three. Such inventiveness!

Conse, Vers, ODB, Wu Tang, hip hop, street art, urbex

I found this really cool interview with Vers and turned out he lived in Barcelona for a few years, would explain how he found the time to go so crazy in this building! If you have the time check it out, it’s a good read.

I am really curious to see what else I might find in my new neighbourhood. It’ll take a lot to top this piece.

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