No Grey Walls is a street art blog based in Barcelona, Spain. The aim is to share the best street art & graffiti from Barcelona and beyond!

I moved to Barcelona from the grey lined skies of Aberdeen in 2015 and very soon I was utterly captivated by the street art scene in the city. Finding some of the city’s legal walls towards the end of my first year changed everything for me and ever since then its been my mission to explore as much of the city and Catalonia and capture as much of the ever evolving scene as I can.

The idea of the blog is to expand on the pictures I show on my Instagram feed and bring a little more detail to some of the art and artists working across this eclectic city.

In addition to all this street art chat, I am also lover of travelling and I’m a big foodie too! Therefore I have expanded the blog to share a little bit about my experiences whilst traveling to new places. I am also going to share gratuitous shots of all the fried chicken and cake I eat here in Barcelona and from my travels!

Last but not least, if you need an artist for a job why not contact me! I work with multiple artists delivering street art workshops, painting of shop/restaurant doors, sign painting and also creating bespoke walls in offices and shops/restaurants. Whatever your requirement we can help!