Ache77 at the Copula Mundi Festival

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival

Italian stencil artist Ache77 was chosen to create the scenography for this years Copula Mundi Festival. The artist who is based in Florence collaborated with photographer Pino Bertelli to create 10 powerful works for the festival.

Copula Mundi

August 29th to September 1st saw a return of the COPULA MUNDI. This free festival for the creation of shared imaginaries is held in the evocative setting of the Cascine Park, in the historical centre of Florence. The project is curated by Street Levels Gallery.

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival

Ache77 was the chosen to create the scenography for this edition. Using the PVC mesh sheets which cover structures specifically built for the project, the artist hand-painted children of different ages. These children had been photographed by the situationist Pino Bertelli. This is second time the photographer and stencil artist have collaborated together on a project.

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival


“Portraits from the denied childhood” by Pino Bertelli is a collection of sixty portraits of children from Africa, the Middle East and Chernobyl. All these children have suffered war, hunger and fear which is shown to us through their own eyes. This book is an indictment against the indifference and barbarity of all wars, but also a call to peace.

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival

Ache77’s project takes the name of “Portraits from the denied childhood”. Starting from the selection of ten shots taken from the book, the setup exhibits the faces of children who look at us with their extreme and bruised beauty. That is all: no soldiers or ruins can be seen, only the faces of children accusing the wickedness of all wars.

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival

On a previous occasion Ache77 and Pino Bertelli have collaborated for the making of the mural named ”Gente della Città del Ferro” in the ex-Ilva complex of Follonica. This fruitful collaboration found its perfect unity in the attention that both artists put in the eyes of the represented subjects. The ten artworks that make up the installation were entirely painted by hand over the course of a week. This painting was carried out by Ache77 along with a team of volunteers made available by the festival staff, without whom this would have never been possible.

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival

Carlo Leoni

Carlo Leoni up AGAINST THE WAR: “I always come to the conclusion that those who want war do not know love, joy, the happiness of a hug, a kiss, a caress. The pleasure of sharing a piece of bread with those who hold out your hand, of listening the needs of another human being, to share the desires of a child, to discuss with friends around a table, getting drunk on new ideas, to stop and watch those who share your path and consider these things as priceless treasures.

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival

War brings only hatreds, divisions, resentments, revenge and devastating wounds. It has a dark and gloomy color, where the light fails to express the colors of the iris. Peace, instead, grows luxuriantly everywhere and on top of all ruins, blossoming with beautiful flowers every time we consider our life and that of others as a unique and unrepeatable good: we can and must leave our children a world of Peace”

Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival


Pino Bertelli was born in a factory town of Tuscany. A doctor in nothing, street photographer, film-maker, film and photography critic. His works are related to themes of diversity, marginalization, acceptance, migration, freedom, love of man for man as a possible utopia. It is one of the central points of the Italian situationist radical criticism.


Ache77 is a street artist based in Florence. His designs mix graphics, stencils and crafted printing techniques. The artist creates portraits that have the ability to relate to people who distractedly meet them. His figures play a non-verbal language combined with great attention to detail. You can meet his works randomly on the street. They can also be found in art galleries and contemporary art museums. 


Ache77 for Copula Mundi FestivalAche77 for Copula Mundi Festival Ache77 for Copula Mundi Festival

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