Anna Ovni for Womart

There’s an awful lot going on in the town of Manresa about one hour north of Barcelona just now. I’ve been up there twice recently as there has been a deluge of art projects and huge murals popping up over the town centre. Upon my last visit I was treated to a surprising amount of old and new permanent murals spread across the geographic centre of Catalonia.

One such piece is this new one by Anna Taratiel  on this huge wall down a small side street. The mural was created as part of Rebobinart’s Womart project which aims to recognise women’s talent in visual and urban arts. The project looks to bring further visibility and promotion to the artistic talent of women in the field of urban art.

Quite why anyone wouldn’t want to see this mural no matter who made it is beyond me but such is the modern world. This wall is perfectly Anna with her abstract box like collage co-existing peacefully together to form one giant puzzle like landscape. I like to think of pieces like this as geometric language, the artist telling a story through shapes and colours instead of an easily relatable scene.

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One thought on “Anna Ovni for Womart

  1. It is interesting, but I find this kind of abstract art quite challenging, and whilst I can admire its technical merit, I am left slightly cold. It is too structural for my taste, and I say this rarely about street art, but it might look better in a gallery. A personal view only.

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