Arnau Gallery July 2019

Arnau Gallery have just wrapped their intervention for the month of July. This month saw Chilean artists Giova and Jotape visit Barcelona to create a mural titled “La Depredación”

Giova and Jotape created this piece with one overriding message – be respectful of the environment. The duo stated on Instagram that the piece “acts as a warning sign to remember our blindness in the face of the ecological disaster we caused. A cry to awaken our consciousness and finally look towards a horizon that is respectful of the environment”

The first section shows a man in shirt and tie holding a bundle of cash. The man is handing a dead bird to the female character as rubbish bags and plastic float in the river behind. In the background you can see fumes billowing out from factory chimneys.

Giova and Jotape 'La Depredacion' for Arnau Gallery

The other end of the wall shows a bright autumn scene from a farm. The character here is holding flowers and handing the female character a bird full of colour. The background is nothing but trees, food and life. The two scenes are a stark contrast to each other.

Giova and Jotape 'La Depredacion' for Arnau Gallery

The duo from Chile added this poem from Cuban musician Silvio Rodriguez to their Instagram post.

“Man always made himself of all material:

of stately villas

or slum.

Every epoch was a piece


to climb the hill

of the great animal kingdom,

with a black hand

and another deadly white one

Giova and Jotape 'La Depredacion' for Arnau Gallery

Giova also added a surprise piece on the side wall at Arnau Gallery. This really beautiful piece is a portrait of a older man who has stopped to rest in the streets of Valparaiso, Chile. The man is holding two flowers that I would love to think he is taking home to his wife.

"Reflexión a destiempo" by Giova for Arnau Gallery

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