Arnau Gallery – Miquel Wert & Ibie

Last weekend saw the latest edition of Arnau Gallery’s excellent monthly intervention in the heart of Barcelona.

This latest edition saw Miquel Wert and Ibie come together to create this piece entitled “If I ever was a child” Now these are two artists who’s work I really like but I wouldn’t have thought for one minute to put them together on a wall.

Miquel’s work generally looks quite serious, his pieces remind me of post war photography. Each piece, in black and white, with an almost charcoal smokey vibe to it. His work generally depicts families in every day surroundings, sat at the dinner table, going for a swim or heading out to work.

Ibie on the other hand is influenced by low brow culture and his pieces are usually very colourful and fun, full of weird and wonderful characters (he has a thing for medieval characters) So yeah putting these two together didn’t make a deal of sense to me although it did intrigue me to see what they would come up with.

Well, this is what they came up with… a black and white family photo but maybe not in the traditional sense. Miquel has painted the children in his usual style, all looking deadly serious sat next to their parents… their parents however have been Ibie’d (there’s a new word for you) and have transformed into cartoon characters with long noses and silly poses. Ibie’s touches are all over the piece with worms, dogs, and smiley broaches all dotted about the wall.

I definitely wasn’t sure how this wall would turn out but a huge congratulations to the organisers for having the foresight to put these two totally different artists together. And it just shows that no matter how disparate the styles of two artists, the creativity between them can overcome this and make something truly excellent and in this instance amusing also.

Here’s to seeing what the guys at Arnau come up with next!



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2 thoughts on “Arnau Gallery – Miquel Wert & Ibie

  1. This was the first ‘serious’ piece I saw on my trip, and from a distance, I nearly didn’t bother to look at it…what a mistake that would have been. It is great to have the back story to it. I will post it in due course.

    1. I’m glad you managed to see it, I completely forgot to tell you how close it was to Tres. I like Miquel’s work but yeah it’s quite serious in nature. It would be very easy to just brush this one off from a distance.

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