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So I had planned on writing a whole column about the work of an artist who’s work I really loved and felt like giving some attention too. It was going to be this whole artist feature thing that might turn into a regular column. Someway through starting to write the piece I ended up chatting to the artist on Instagram and the column turned into more of an casual chat/interview than just me showing some love.

The artist in question is Lost Hills and I have been huge fan of his irrelevant paste up’s of Jake the dog from the long running cartoon network show – Adventure time – since I first came across them on social media. I love Adventure time and have been watching it for years so the idea of these humorous wheat pastes would have piqued my interest enough but then seeing them in all kinds of iterations, Peaky Blinders Jake or Predator Jake, just makes the whole thing that little more special.

Peaky Blinders Jake

I finally found my first batch of Lost Hills work when I was back in Aberdeen for Nuart earlier this year which was really exciting as I love exploring and the rush of finding multiple pieces and I knew he had left a lot in Aberdeen over the years. I must admit to a faux pas when finding two of his pieces that weekend. They were freebie pieces he had left for someone to find and take home, I saw them, snapped them and then for reasons unknown walked off to find other things. I’m an idiot sometimes.

Lost art of Lost Hills
Lost art of Lost Hills

Whilst I wipe my tears at my lost artworks I’ll let you read the chat/interview we did!

Hey Losthills! So let’s just get the obvious question out of the way, why Jake? 

My son asked me to draw a basic outline of Jake one day so he could colour it in. Before I gave him it, I photocopied my basic drawing so he could colour them in differently.

I was still experimenting with my ideas for my street art then. anyway I was just about to attend my first street art festival in Manchester and the night before I was in my garage making stuff to paste up. I laid my stuff on the floor and thought i did not have enough to keep me busy for the day. It was then i noticed a pile of outlined Jakes next to me. I just then had the idea of cutting a couple up to make a basic stencil. within an hour i made my first 4 Jakes. Quite basic but looked kinda fun.

I pasted them with my other stuff and thought nothing about it. then another well known artist who is now my friend messaged me saying how he liked my weird looking paste ups and how I should do more. I was quite surprised and pleased someone noticed! So I carried on making them just to bulk up my paste up supply and was still playing around with my other designs. mostly one layer stencils on painted backgrounds. Wednesday Adams, stuff like that.

Lost Hills in Aberdeen

Is there a long term plan for Jake?

There is no plan, I just like to see where it takes me. that’s all, like an experiment. My life has changed so much since i found art. It’s difficult to find the time to paint. Usually late at night. my newest and more complex stuff can take 1-3 weeks to produce. my earlier stuff would take a night to paint.

Why such a steep increase in the design time?

I’ve started to hand paint them now. broke out from my earlier stencil style so makes it more challenging to paint.

In Aberdeen you did more of a muralistic piece instead of the paste ups. Is that something you’d like to do more of in the future?

Yeah I don’t like the thought of being up in a box so like to try and switch it up. Plus I hope to travel overseas one day, painting larger might open those doors.

Like I said  class it all as an experiment so like to run new studies if that makes sense.

Lost Hills for Nuart Aberdeen 2018

It would be nice to see you get some festival work, I love the idea of a 30ft Jake!

Yeah hopefully, I’ve done a few murals this year so when I apply I’ve got stuff to show. And yeah, imagine a big ass Jake!

Have you got any solo shows lined up?

I do have my first solo show planned in Liverpool on the 15th September. It’s at Zap Graffiti Arts, cool place. Just some stuff on the walls, it’s a day show will just hang there for the day. Probably head out for beers and paste in town later on!

What’s the perfect soundtrack to a night painting in the studio?

I listen basically to dreamy trippy trance like ODESZA. The stuff like Four tet and bicep sounds great with a bottle of beer and head phones on. it’s my most favourite part even beats my missions! I feel so lucky to have a hand painted style that lets me have these moments!

I’m the same, always have to have music on whilst writing! Thank you so much for your time man, I really appreciate it!

Thanks again for being interested and speak soon!

You can check out some more of Lost Hills work below and if you are in Liverpool on the 15th September I reckon his solo show will definitely be worth your time!



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6 thoughts on “Artist in focus – Lost Hills

  1. Another great interview an nice to have a window on an artist whose work I greatly admire, an of course the hunt for his work is always thrilling. Shame you missed out on the freebies.

  2. I’m in Liverpool and am lucky to have met Lost Hills and have bought some amazing original works from him. He is a really gifted artist and his work surpasses some of the more well known London and Brighton artist in quality and passion.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I am a huge fan of his work and think he’s incredibly inventive with how he uses Jake. I’d love to have him come to Barcelona just once and paste up everywhere!

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