Avant Gard Tudela 2020

Miss Van, Avant Gard Tudela, street art

I wrote a few weeks ago about Avant Gard Tudela, the street art festival curated by artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and organised by Tudela-Cultura. Despite everything that’s been going on in the world these days the event went ahead and was a roaring success!

Betting for culture is always risky, even more nowadays. The idea of celebrating the 7th edition of Avant Gard Tudela 2020 in the middle of phase 3 of the state of alarm decreed by the Spanish government because of Covid-19 meant taking extra risks and efforts. Thankfully a big input of energy and hope for bringing art back to the streets and set it free from its imposed lockdown brought this festival to life.

Ru8icon, Avant Gard Tudela, street art

The final results couldn’t have been better. A well planned event with artists being committed and having fun alongside the great support from the local authorities saw Avant Gard bring art back to the streets! Above all, the amazing feedback that the artists and organisers received from the residents of Tudela made the event an experience that will live long in the memory!  

Three new medium and large scale murals were added to the twenty one already existing in Tudela. Created by 3 Barcelona based international artists who have in common not only big experience and worldwide recognition, but also a great quality artistic proposal.

Miss Van (Toulouse, France). Location: C/ Magdalena Eguaras, 56.

Vanessa Alice has painted ‘Las Gitanas’ at Tudela, the biggest wall of her career. Two dreamlike, timeless, mysterious, sensual muses…who emerge with plenty of power in a typical blue sky and red desert landscape. A joyful feast of details to discover, the foulards, the pompons, the feathers, the ornaments, the hair… Miss Van gifts us a sensorial experience through a magic, poetic and unique femininity.

Miss Van, Avant Gard Tudela, street art

Mina Hamada (Japan). Location: C/ Juan Antonio Fernández, 22.

The Japanese artist opens a door for us into her world of self imagination. Introducing the observer to a universe full of shapes and colours that evoke mother nature, the elements, the environment. Wind, water, local flowers and plants are captured in Mina’s work which is an open field for our personal interpretation of the objects that we are contemplating, depending on our personal mood.

Mina Hamada, Avant Gard Tudela, street art

Jeff McCreight (USA). Location: Paseo del Castillo, 9.

Jeff has painted two kids jumping into a pool or a river. His artwork is an experience in the pro’s of joy and happiness, about the excellent quality of life that can be experienced in Tudela. A representation of the purest expression of people having fun without any further thoughts, without worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Located in a beautiful environment and framed by an spectacular landscape, it’s worthy to take the time to contemplate the piece from different perspectives.

Ru8icon, Avant Gard Tudela, street art

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, artist and curator of Avant Garde Tudela 2020 said: “against all odds, it has been a great success. After all this time staying at our homes, we feel real lucky for being one of the first street art festivals maybe in the whole world. Everyone has loved to have the chance of watching some colour and joy”

Alejandro Toquero, Mayor of Tudela added that. “the artists have given life and freedom to the same walls where we have been confined”

All photos by Fernando Alcala.

Mina Hamada, Avant Gard Tudela, street art

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