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It’s been 17 months since I last managed to write anything for the blog. August 2020 was my last written piece. That’s a pretty substantial amount of time to suffer from writers block. Or maybe it was imposter syndrome or a bit of both, I’m really not sure.

It’s possible I’ve spent a few too many years trying to keep various different people happy and I’ve spent time writing about walls or projects that I’m just not that interested in.

I moved back to Scotland in September and the whole organising a move thing was a good excuse to keep away from the blog also. Trust me, moving country during a pandemic and with all the Brexit crap was not a great deal of fun. When I arrived it was pretty easy to play the just moved and adjusting to life here again card.

Ok, so as you can probably see since you are 5 paragraphs in, I’ve decided to push myself to get back into the writing game on a regular basis. Semi regular basis maybe. I might not always write about street art anymore. I might try and diversify the blog a bit to keep my motivation up. Maybe some art, some food, some brutalist architecture pics, who knows! 

For this week, I’ve promised myself I will get two more pieces ‘out the door’. You will see a very lovely piece about a wall from Gerada in Barcelona. There will also be a little piece about a gallery opening also in Barcelona. I might have left Barna but it’s still very much home!

Much love, NGW x

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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