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Borneo, Dirty, Barcelona, Street art

I mentioned last week that I had gone to see new pieces from Borneo and Dirty in Barcelona. I then proceeded to talk about two completely different artists who had painted on the next wall. So it’s only right that I delve back in and chat a little bit about the wall I originally went to see!

I’ve written about both these artists before and both are personal faves amongst the millions of ‘street artists’ here. My list of personal faves is very lengthy truth be told but these guys are definitely on it!

Both artists have very specific styles that I’ve not really seen elsewhere. Borneo loves these ginger bearded characters. I have no idea if the character is based on anyone that Borneo knows or if they are just a random creation. They definitely aren’t based on him that’s for sure. Well the beard part definitely isn’t at least. I’ve always felt quite drawn to Borneo’s work, a bit like his buddies Art3ano & Ioke. It’s the Saturday morning cartoon vibe I think. I can imagine this bearded guy being a recurring character on Rugrats or something.

Borneo, Barcelona, Street art

I know very little about Dirty on a personal level, only his work. Previously whenever I saw Dirty’s work it was these colourful sneaker illustrations. I’m not even sure how to describe them, they were… squishy? I don’t know if that’s the word I want to use but that’s what they were, they were like a bent out of shape sneaker. They were cool anyway. Recently Dirty has been creating more character work with a heavy plant influence. I don’t know if I have this right but this piece looks like a hand holding an eye and another holding a flower… Who know’s but it’s very abstract and also very cool looking.

Dirty, Barcelona, Street art, Flowers

Both pieces give me a really positive vibe and seem to fit really nicely on that particular wall and area. They were both 100% worth the very early morning walk up there!

Borneo Instagram / Website

Dirty Instagram

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