C215 – Wednesday Wall #60

C215 stencil art barcelona

C215 aka Christian Guemy’s stencils must be some of the most recognisable work in the street art world. The French artist has been hitting the streets for over 20 years with his indomitable style. You would probably be hard pressed to find a major city that doesn’t have at least some of his work!

Barcelona is one such city although it’s been a long time since C215 paid us a visit. I just looked it up actually, 2013!  That’s way too long!

A fair chunk of the pieces he left behind have been destroyed sadly. So goes the street art game I guess. Thankfully the barrio that I live in still has two really big stencils in near perfect condition. Well, I thought it was only two but last week I stumbled across a third whilst walking my dog. Tucked away on a dead end street that is incredibly easy to miss, I found this little beauty. Adorning a grey door that is covered in graffiti this stencil of a male is incredibly intact!

C215 stencil art barcelona

You should have seen my reaction when I spotted it. I was so damn excited at this rare find. Hilarious really, reacting like a kid at Christmas!

The piece is of an middle aged gentleman with a moustache and shirt/sweater combo. I have tried to do a little digging to see if I can find out who the stencil is of but no luck so far.

C215 stencil art barcelona

The thing I like best about Christian Guemy’s work is the subtle colours he uses on each stencil. It would be quite easy to do a two or three layer stencil and have it still look good. However that would be too easy for C215 clearly! The character’s hair and face look great. From the salt and pepper hair to the wrinkles on his face. The sweater and shirt however, just wow! The colours used to give the sweater that wooly effect are simply incredible!

I’m amazed this piece has lasted so long and who knows, maybe C215 will come visit BCN again and add more colour to our streets!


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