Can Batllo

Eledu, cat, can batllo, street art

I moved house a few weeks back, making my life quite a lot more difficult in terms of seeing art on a regular basis. I’m not exactly miles out of the city or anything but just far enough away to make it more of an effort.

Can Batllo

One silver lining, apart from the fact that my new place is sooooo much nicer than the crack den I was in before… Can Batllo. For non Barcelona based readers of the page Can Batllo is  a former 19th century textile mill. The area is now the focus of social and cultural activity and houses vegetable plots, a library, cinema and much much more.

Roc Blackblock, Can Batllo, street art
Roc Blackblock

Now, I live all of two minutes away from Can Batllo and thought it was a good time to go and check out any new pieces in the area. To not a great amount of surprise there was a bunch of new pieces that have gone up since my previous visit.

J Loca, Can Batllo, Street art
J Loca

I guess that a few of these artists must live in the neighbourhood as J.Loca and Eledu have multiple new works up on shutters and walls. It actually begs the question, is this work legal and approved or because of what the area is and represents, these pieces are accepted works with or without permission.

Eledu, Al Romero, Street art
Eledu & Al Romero

I also saw some paste ups dotted throughout the area. These paste ups are celebrating the history of Can Batllo through black and white photographs. These photographs are of the workers from when it was still a mill. A really nice touch from whomever created these.

Black and white, paste up

I don’t have to much more too add really. I just wanted to share some of these pieces and alert people to this little community area that is easily missed for those not ‘in the know’. It’s definitely worth your time if ever visiting Barcelona in the future.

El Rughi, street art, Italian
El Rughi
J Loca, street art
J Loca

Black and white, paste up

Al Romero, Street art, Japanese
Al Romero

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    1. Yeah it was nice to pop back in by. Some nice new work and yeah like you said, those wheatpastes are great. a nice touch.

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