Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada – Fragments

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada has just shared his stunning new studio works with me. These small pieces were created as part of his “Fragments” series. This series features fragments of very old, multilayered wall paint surfaces. Each piece of wall is from a very special place in Navarra (north of Spain). 

Void Projects – Artist residency in Catalonia

Void Projects, a two month long artist residency in the colony of Can Rosal in Catalonia, Spain has come to it’s conclusion. I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night of a three day event held to celebrate the project. Entitled CREENÇA, the project took place in an old Convent from the 19th Century […]

Artist in focus – Lost Hills

So I had planned on writing a whole column about the work of an artist who’s work I really loved and felt like giving some attention too. It was going to be this whole artist feature thing that might turn into a regular column. Someway through starting to write the piece I ended up chatting […]