Roc Blackblock – Barcelona Anti facist

Just yesterday I brought you the work of Roc Blackblock and today, something else new from the artist! He is on fire just now all right. Roc is actually one of the few artists with permanent murals in Barcelona, he has a bunch of them in fact. His desire to bring attention to historical CatalanContinue reading “Roc Blackblock – Barcelona Anti facist”

Taquen & Sonja Ben for Contorno Urbano

On January 13, artists Taquen and Sonja Ben created a new intervention for the 12 + 1 project in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. The artists participated with their works “Hold” and “Castel Mind” respectively. This is the second year of this project based 14km outside of barcelona curated by urban art foundation Controno Urbano.

Octavi Serra for Contorno Urbano

A larger wall is sought, the new Octavi Serra Mural for Urbano Contorno in Barcelona. The artist Octavi Serra, reflects with his last mural on the inexhaustible desire to cover everything. And how that idea consumes us. Last mural of the 12 + 1 Barcelona 2019 project.  Will now give way to an collective exhibitionContinue reading “Octavi Serra for Contorno Urbano”

Noah’s Train

Noah’s train has just paid a visit to Barcelona. What’s Noah’s train I hear you ask! Well, Noah’s train is is the longest mobile artwork in the world. This travelling piece of art measures 200 meters in length and features 17 specifically designed carriages. The train is inspired by the oldest history of environmental protection,Continue reading “Noah’s Train”