Street art Berlin #5

Since I pulled my finger out and did a Lisbon column this week, I thought I'd add a Berlin one to the mix also. My Berlin posts to date have been of relatively small pieces so let's switch it up with this full scale mural. It's of course by Herakut and took me quite some... Continue Reading →

Street art Berlin #4

TPK Crew member Freeman Scofield aka Babs was one of the artists who participated in Yard5's graffiti jam back in July. I've seen Babs work before whilst on holiday in Lisbon. I remember being equally intrigued and confused by his work. I guess Babs work could be classed as graffiti writing deconstructed. The letters have faded into a freestyles... Continue Reading →

Street Art Berlin #3

This piece was another from the graffiti jam that was going on during my final day in Berlin. The event organised by local graffiti shop Yard5 had a ridiculous amount of talented artists creating all over the bar area at Urban Spree, the vast majority of which were totally new to me. One such artist is Margeir Dire who... Continue Reading →

Street art Berlin #2

So I feel that I'm pretty knowledgable about street art and the artists that inhabit that world within Barcelona but when I go to different cities I'm exposed to a whole new world of graffiti and street artists who's work I've never come across before. This piece for the Yard5 paint jam held at the Urban Spree artistic... Continue Reading →

Street art Berlin #1

I spent four nights in Berlin recently and took one helluva lot of photos of the never ending stream of murals, paste ups, stickers & throw ups that grace the streets. With that in mind I have decided to add to the Madrid and Lisbon columns with a semi regular Berlin one also. First up... Continue Reading →

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