SSOSVA in Space

A very short post this one. You may remember a few weeks back I had a wee chat with Silent Bill from SSOSVA. Well Bill has just sent me this video of SSOSVA’s recent space cadet mission… Yep the group have just sent their logo into space! What an idea! You can check out theContinue reading “SSOSVA in Space”

Street art Lisbon #7

This wall was one of those that could easily be missed whilst focussing on other things. I found this one whilst out of Lisbon checking out some pieces I had seen from the train window whilst on my way to Quinta do Mocho. Like Quinta the whole suburb is full of huge building sized muralsContinue reading “Street art Lisbon #7”

La Tabacalera #4

It took a little while to get a good shot of this piece by Alaniz as I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get the jugglers in the shot or if wanted a clean shot only. In the end I just went with both therefore ending the eternal battle in my head of including people or notContinue reading “La Tabacalera #4”